NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 10: People walk through the Apple retail store in Grand Central Terminal on December 10, 2012 in New York City. Apple Inc. stock was down $4.56 per share, or 0.86 percent decline as investors and analysts worry that the USmarket is becoming saturated with apple products. Apple, the world's most valuable publicly traded company, has lost $167 billion in market value in less than three months. - AFP Photo

SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Thursday released a new Google Maps app for iPhone users to replace a glitch-ridden Apple program panned for omitting key landmarks and cities and failing correctly to identify locations.

The company has promised an “entirely new” experience with its Google Maps app, which includes local search functions, voice-guided directions and “Street View” images of places and even the inside of some 100,000 businesses.

Apple was forced to make a highly embarrassing apology in September for its own maps application in the new iOS 6 operating system used by the iPhone 5, and urged customers to use rival programs while improvements are made.

Apple had booted off Google Maps - which had been the default program for Apple devices - when it developed its own mapping application.

But the new Apple program immediately drew scorn, leading some users to refuse to upgrade their operating systems.

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