THIS is apropos Muhammad Amir Rana’s article ‘Under the garb of charity’ (Dec 2). The writer critically discussed militancy under different sectarian elements in Pakistan.

These elements are a huge threat to the country’s integrity, as well as to the image of Islam.

The source of their finances is not only charities but many commercial projects. In more recent times publication of misguided and ideologically invalid contents in the form of books and pamphlets is contributing a huge amount.

How unfortunate that a top Islamic philosopher, scientist or intellectual, with proven worth, would be happy with a few thousand copies of his book sold out whereas a book with confused thought from a sectarian group would fetch millions of dollars. This kind of literature usually contains hatred for other sects which indeed sows the seed of militancy and book their place for funds from those members of the sects who cannot actively participate in militant activities directly.

Everyone knows that nearly all these sectarian groups have their different teams like Team A is involved in preaching rather inducing its own Islamic perceptions; Team B protects its political objectives; Team C involves in community interactions through charities and Team D goes t any extent if sectarian lust is at stake.

In fact, any group preaching sectarian divide among Muslims is doing business in the name of Islam. Moreover, millions of children in Pakistan below the age of 16 are falling easy prey to these egoistic sectarian elements in so-called ‘madressahs’ where they learn to hate others and the only skill they develop is either begging from door to door for food or they become part of the militant wing.

Grabbing land through building mosques on public or private properties is a common practice that is even not probed by state agencies or civil society.

Finally, the most threatening aspect of this sectarian religiosity is that they market their false imagination about Islam and blackmail the community for funds and properties.

Even various regimes in Pakistan have not taken a stand or responded to such sensitive issues, thinking that it could affect their political mandate.

Intellectuals have cornered themselves to avoid the flames of sectarian religiosity. In fact, everyone has taken a position to save his skin and watch the societal decay in Pakistan. The country looks like a snake eating itself through its tail.

M. IMRAN Dera Ghazi Khan

Updated Dec 13, 2012 03:23am

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Dec 13, 2012 04:02am
so very true....