Gujral: a man of vision

Published Dec 12, 2012 01:03am

One of India’s former prime ministers, I. K. Gujral, recently died at the age of 93.

He hailed from Jhelum district, and had his early education on this side of the border. I had the pleasure of meeting him along with fellow cardiologists in December 1989 at Delhi on the occasion of the World Congress of Cardiology.

At that time Mr Gujral was foreign minister and the chief guest at one of the functions.

On knowing about the presence of the Pakistani delegation he was very pleased and met each one of us with great excitement and warmth.

He spoke with us in perfect Urdu and Punjabi. He was overwhelmed to see us on the Indian soil and asked us to visit each year.

In fact, he gave his personal direct phone numbers in case we needed any assistance while in India.

Mr Gujral was not just a politician, he was a statesman, a man of vision and a great intellectual.

He was a great advocate of India - Pakistan friendship. He was proud of his roots in our part of the subcontinent.

Mr Gujral also had a serious interest in art and literature.

He knew Iqbal and Ghalib more than any Pakistani politician.

His death is a great loss for those who believe in peace and humanity.

His services and efforts for India-Pakistan friendship will be long remembered.

Our Potohar region can be rightly proud to give two celebrated prime ministers to India, Mr Gujral and Dr Manmohan Singh.


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Comments (3) (Closed)

Dec 13, 2012 09:09am
I fully appreciate sir. Warm regards.
Manzoor H. Khatana, Ph.D.
Dec 12, 2012 04:59pm
Deb, Mr. Gujral was indeed from the other side of the border, so let us not worry about the damned borders. He was an amazing politician and statesman and quite knowledgeable about Iqbal and Ghalib. The rascals ruling in Islamabad know little about Iqbal or Ghalib, or for that matter about Mr. Ga Gujral, and by the way we all came from our mother, namely India.
Dec 12, 2012 05:15am
Thank you sir, for all those kind words. Bing an admirer of Mr Gujral the person and the statesman, I found your post quite moving. Wish we had more people like him on each side of the border.