Karachi Zoo: some suggestions

Published Dec 07, 2012 12:05am

THIS refers to news report ‘Lack of care seen behind six deaths at zoo’ (Nov 22). The deplorable state of affairs at the Karachi Zoo become even more poignant when one considers the huge dearth of positive recreational and leisure opportunity for the 20 million denizens of this metropolis. Set aside the beaches, ill-maintained as these are, and there is precious little left.

In the West, in spite of the endless list of options for quality time spending, zoos remain one of the top attractions. In the US, for example, visitors to zoos on an annual basis outnumber all visitors to baseball, basketball and American football games combined.

A well-managed zoo is not only a recreational opportunity, it is a centre for creating awareness of wildlife conservation and broader environmental issues. It is a centre for conservation through captive breeding, and it can be a centre for research. It is not impossible for the Karachi Zoo to attain such a multi-faceted status, but someone has to take bold decisions.

These decisions should include a total ban on purchasing more animals for the zoo until such time that at least a master plan has been made, some enclosures have been redesigned and staff training has been initiated. If one wishes, all this is possible within six months.


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s shah
Dec 08, 2012 12:41am
Totally agree with the writer. The state of the Karachi zoo and in fact all the zoos in Pakistan is a disgrace. There should be a total ban on the zoo bringing in new animals until the existing animals are properly and compassionately looked after, fed properly and housed in large enclosures, not cages. If the animals cannot be looked after properly the zoo should be closed down and the animals given to other countries that have the compassion, commitment and know how to care for animals. Zoos should not be just for "entertainment" with no thought for the suffering animals have to endure.
Gerry D'Cunha
Dec 07, 2012 12:12pm
karachi zoo is situated in the heart of the city and occupies a vast area. it need to develop the place,bring in new animals, bring good animal trainers and zoo keepers and increase the entry fees to give entainment to the city of karachi