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KARACHI: Polling was being carried out in two constituencies for National Assembly seats, six constituencies for Punjab Assembly seats and one constituency for a Sindh Assembly seat on Tuesday, DawnNews reported.

The by-polls are taking place in these constituencies: NA-107 Gujrat-IV, NA-162 Sahiwal-III, PS-21 Naushero Feroz-III, PP-26 Jhelum-III, PP-92 Gujranwala-II, PP-122 Sialkot-II, PP-129 Sialkot-IX, PP-133 Narowal-II, PP-226 Sahiwal-VII

A public holiday was declared in all concerned areas and the local administrations had imposed Section 144.

Moreover, display of weapons had also been banned in the constituencies in question.

The polling began at 8 a.m. and was expected to continue until 5 p.m. without break.

Following is a summary published in today's Dawn on the constituencies and the contenders:

A tough fight is expected between PML-N’s Malik Hanif Awan and joint candidate of PML-Q and PPP Rehman Naseer Marala NA-107. The seat fell vacant after the disqualification of PML-N’s Mohammad Jamil Malik for holding dual nationality. Malik Hanif is the uncle of Jamil Malik. Political analysts see it as a direct contest between the Sharif brothers and the Chaudhrys of Gujrat.

Another interesting contest will take place in NA-162. The seat fell vacant after PPP’s Chaudhry Zahid Iqbal was disqualified over the controversy of dual nationality. The same Zahid Iqbal is trying to stage a comeback – this time on a PML-N ticket – against PPP-PML-Q’s Ghulam Farid Kathia. Makhdoom Nasir Farid Chishti of JUP-Niazi and eight independent candidates are also in the run.

In PP-26, PPP-PML-Q candidate Mohammad Arif is likely to benefit from having two rivals from the PML-N – Chaudhry Khadim Hussain, father of disqualified MPA Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim, and Raja Mohammad Afzal Khan.

In an apparent move to test its popularity, the PML-N had decided to keep the contest open. The winner is most likely to get the PML-N ticket in the general election.

A direct fight between Mohammad Nawaz Chohan of the PML-N and Lala Asad, a joint candidate of the PPP and PML-Q, is expected in PP-92. Nawaz Chohan is a relative of PML-N’s Ashraf Chohan who had won this seat in the 2008 elections and was disqualified recently. Ten independent candidates are also vying for the seat.

Amir Raja, a joint candidate of the PPP and PML-Q, will have a direct contest with Mohammad Akram of PML-N in PP-122 Sialkot. PML-N’s disqualified MPA Mohammad Akhlaq had won the 2008 elections against Amir Raja with a thumping majority.

Another straight fight between Chaudhry Mohsin Ashraf of the PML-N and Chaudhry Ansar Iqbal, a joint candidate of the PPP and PML-Q, is expected in PP-129 Sialkot. Mohsin Ashraf is the son of disqualified lawmaker Jameel Ashraf. Four independent candidates are also contesting.

Dr Naimat Ali Javed of the PML-N will face Chaudhry Umar Sharif, a joint candidate of the PPP and PML-Q, in the constituency of PP-133. The seat has fallen vacant after the disqualification of Dr Tahir Ali Javed.

Mohammad Hanif of the PML-N and Naseem Iqbal, a joint candidate of the PPP and PML-Q, are in the contest for PP-226.

In the PS-21 by-election, Syed Sarfaraz Hussain Shah of the PPP, Syed Ibrar Ali Shah of the NPP and Abdul Aleem Ghangrio are among 16 candidates in the run. The PML-N is not contesting here.

Updated Dec 04, 2012 06:32am

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