THIS is apropos of the article ‘No hanging again, sirs’ by I.A. Rehman (Nov 22).

The writer emphasised the need for abolishing the death penalty with the exception in those offences in which death penalties are given by Islam. Agreed. But his statement, “Islam provides for death only in two cases — murder and criminal commotion (fasad fil arz)”, gave the impression that there are only two cases in which the culprit is given a death punishment.

Appreciating his intent, I would like to point out that there are more cases other than the said two in which death penalty is awarded to the perpetrator: to a married adulterer and a black magician.

So restricting the death penalty to only two cases is not justified at all.


Flaws in laws

THIS is apropos of Zubeida Mustafa’s article ‘Death penalty should end’ (Nov 21).

Even though death penalty is against human dignity, life and liberty, as far as the situation in Pakistan is concerned, there could be a more lenient approach towards criminals.

It is a settled principle in Islamic jurisprudence that if anyone murders another person or spreads mischief on the land, he would be liable for capital punishment.

Another question arises; even if death penalty is abolished, can we say that crime rate will be reduced?

The conviction rate in Pakistan is too few and terrorists are being released due to flaws in laws. If you don’t convict or punish anyone, it will be too difficult to control criminal activities.


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Dec 02, 2012 03:42pm
Ask the same question from the brother, sister, husband/wife,mother of the deceased and you will surely have an elicited response. Moreover crime rate will drop down .
Dec 03, 2012 04:14am
I totally agree with the letters. Divine laws are the best for this world and hereafter. I must ask the so called theorist to keep their thoughts to themselves and not meddle with things beyond their understanding.