THIS is apropos of Dr Tariq Ali’s letter ‘Balochistan controversial admission policy’ (Nov 21). It is true that the vice chancellor is an engineer but he holds two MS degrees, including one from the University of Michigan.

Besides, he has remained in high positions in various international organisations. In 2012, the vice chancellor was awarded by the European Union for his tremendous services to education in this deprived part of the country.

No other PhD vice chancellor of Balochistan achieved this position. During his period different education departments have been opened, including gaining recognition from the PEC and successfully mobilised donors for granting funds. Currently the vice chancellor is successfully working on affiliations with other foreign universities.

The writer had also raised the issue of ethnic preference in admissions policy which is absolutely not in line with the common practice.

The writer pointed out that the Baloch are being deprived of merit-based admissions. In reality, there are 90 per cent seats which are allocated only for the residence of Balochistan and the remaining 10 per cent for the rest of the country. On the 90 per cent seats, a 100 per cent merit in admissions prevails at the BUITMS, where only deserving students of Balochistan get admitted -- whether Baloch or Pakhhtun. The entry test is taken online as machines don’t discriminate and results are announced promptly.

In such a merit system the ethnic Baloch are more at advantage than Pashtoon because ethnic Baloch are in a majority.

The quota system mars the future of deserving students as lower-grade students in one area and upper-grade students of another area come in the same category.

We should keep our personal grievance aside and work for the growth of merit as it is the only option for the survival of Balochistan and for the credibility of BUITMS, otherwise the quota system will bring it down to other lower ranking universities.


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