IT is very sad to see the healthcare delivery system in Pakistan. Last month, I had a bitter experience when I went to the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) centre to get my child vaccinated.

As I am a government employee, I had to take a short leave from job. I reached the EPI center nearest to my residence at Al-Mustafa Medical Centre in Gulshan-i-Iqbal.

I reached the centre at 9.30am but the person concerned there was not traceable and there was no one to respond to my queries as this EPI centre was set up at a charitable hospital.

The hospital staff was unaware of the system. I waited at the blood bank of the hospital for almost two hours but no one turned up.

Ultimately, I purchased the vaccine for the child. To get free vaccine is very difficult near my residence so I preferred to purchase the vaccine for my child.

It saved a lot of time. But can all persons in our society purchase the vaccine? What is the use of all these EPI centres?

I hope the vaccine purchased by me is really effective and safe as it should be supplied while keeping it in proper cold storage.

How can it be confirmed that it is properly stored while we face electricity loadsheding?

May God give vision to our leaders for the poorest of this land of the pure.


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