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WASHINGTON: Malala Yousufzai is number six on US magazine Foreign Policy’s list of 100 top global thinkers in 2012. She is ahead of US President Barack Obama who is number seven.

The other three Pakistanis on the list are former Pakistani ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani, his wife Farahnaz Ispahani and blogger Sana Saleem.

Burmese dissident Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar’s reformist President Thein Sein, a former general, top the 2012 list.

Others on the list include US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former US president Bill Clinton and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Teyyap Erdogan.

The Foreign Policy magazine’s Top 100 Global Thinkers list is published annually. It lists people who are believed to have influenced the thinking of the international community in a particular year.

In previous years, Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan and current ambassador to the US Sherry Rehman have also been featured in the Top 100 Global Thinkers lists.

“The Taliban’s most fearsome enemy in Pakistan isn't US drones or the military's tanks: It’s a 15-year-old schoolgirl,” says a one-page introduction of Malala Yousufzai attached to the list.

“Malala Yousafzai's tool of defiance? Her own bravery in speaking out for the simple idea that girls should have access to the same education as boys.”

The magazine points out that even as Pakistan bristles with roughly 100 nuclear warheads, up to 60 per cent of women are still illiterate and two out of every five girls fail to finish primary school.

The magazine notes that the Taliban gunman, who attacked Malala as she headed home after an exam, announced that she must be punished for insulting “the soldiers of Allah”. Then he shot her in the head. The introduction also refers to Malala’s diary published on a BBC blog.

Pakistani internet activist Sana Saleem has been added to the list “for insisting that free speech is not blasphemy.’’

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Comments (25)

saad azim
November 28, 2012 9:45 am
over hyped propaganda .. shes nothing but a traitor and a girl with secular ideology .I am surprised no one talks about Pakistan's tribal areas where thousands of poor innocent children are killed by the drones. All we hear is Malala Malala and Malala. ..... pathetic .. !!!!!!!
Just Curious
November 29, 2012 9:07 pm
I dont know much about it... Can you please specify exactly what has Malala accomplished singlehandedly against terrorism that our govt. and forces could not???
November 30, 2012 5:44 pm
she proved a single drop of ink is more powerful than thousands of artillery shells... that is the difference she did what your army didn’t…
Nazir a. peerzada
November 28, 2012 9:59 am
Malala is the torch bearer for whole feminine world.She has raised the voice against terrorism when so called thinkers and intellectuals resorted to keep criminal silence.Hats must be off for this brave girl,she deserves the honour.
November 27, 2012 12:08 pm
Malala is the pride of Pakistan.
November 27, 2012 11:36 am
what a joke!
better not say
November 30, 2012 11:06 pm
she is a girl not woman my friend
November 27, 2012 9:54 am
She is a very brave woman indeed, a great fighter.
November 28, 2012 8:19 am
Wrong. Her ordeal represents the real picture of the daily lives of most people in Pakistan.
November 27, 2012 4:22 pm
Well done Malala. Surprised to see Aung sui kee's name . What she had done... in 2012. except keeping her mouth shut of atrocities on Muslims of Burma
November 27, 2012 2:52 pm
Malala,the real face of Pakistan.
November 27, 2012 7:12 pm
what is your problem ghaleezguftar!
November 28, 2012 10:06 am
Jalib sahib wrote this piece for Benazir, I took the liberty of dedicating it to Malala: dartay hain bandoqoon walay aik nihatti larki say phailay hain himmat kay ujalay aik nihatti larki say daray huay hain maray huay hain, larzeeda lardeeza hain mulla, tajir, general, jiyalay, air nihatti larki say
November 27, 2012 12:31 pm
She is the pride of the free thinking and progressive world
November 28, 2012 2:39 am
What Malala has accomplished singlehandedly in our fight against terrorism and extremism in Pakistan, our entire government and armed forces could not accomplish. I pray Allah swt grants her a long, healthy and prosperous life and success in the hereafter.
November 28, 2012 12:09 pm
Rayan, she wrote a blog about the environment she was living in and that too was greatly edited for publishing by the BBC correspondent who interviewed her. Then one day she was going to school and a taliban hitman identified her in the van and shot her in the head(and yet she lived and that is a miracle) and other girls were also injured. swat is not moenjodaro and there are schools there since long! her father owns two schools and she studied in one of them. there is nothing newsworthy about the whole story except the shooting! grow up please!
November 27, 2012 6:13 pm
She is the pride for the whole world.
November 28, 2012 4:09 am
In this young age she has proven to be an inspiration and a beacon of hope for many young girls. I hope her sacrifices will one day materialize in favor of every girl who seeks an education and a prosperous future for herself and her family.
Shabkhez minhas
November 28, 2012 5:02 am
A great hope for our future generations. She is brilliant indeed. Needs to live and implement her vision. Good luck malala.
November 28, 2012 3:36 am
She is more brave than most of our political leadership Manzoor
November 28, 2012 3:36 am
...you should be ashamed of yourself. Your thought process is against of human dignity.
November 27, 2012 11:51 pm
Malala is a symble of future.
November 27, 2012 11:21 am
Malala stands and follows the footstep of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS). Maula Salamat reky aap ko..She just shows us how to stands against today's Yazeedi Lashkar under the name of Talibans (Both Pakistani and Afghans)
November 28, 2012 5:15 am
Malala is divine child. At such tender age, the courage and wisdom shown by her is exemplary. It is up to the people of Pakistan to decide her blood brings the desired results, freedom to get educated for 50% of Pakistani population.
November 28, 2012 5:11 am
The whole world has recognized the value of Malala. When will Pakistanis, most of whom feel like pigmies in front of her?
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