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Twitter: Listen to Laila

Alot has been said about why film star Laila is all of a sudden in the news and has been saying eyebrow-raising things about her proposed or supposed marital status (particularly with reference to a politician). I feel the media went overboard with it and no one to date clearly knows what made Laila utter those words.

The interesting thing is the actress’s statements that came after a few days of that event vis-à-vis another Lollywood gem, Meera. If news channels are anything to go by, then Laila has claimed that once Meera wished that Laila become her sister-in-law, that is, marry her brother. I’m gobsmacked! The very prospect of seeing Laila and Meera as nund and bhabi are enough to stir the imagination of anyone who is into Pakistani films. It’s fodder for a three-hour film itself. Or better still, for a TV soap.

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