Lahore Regional Championship

Published Nov 24, 2012 04:40am

The sound of thundering claps, a smile from ear to ear and a contentment of victory was what could be envisioned. The Regional Champions, ecstatic, elated, with delight unexplainable stood out in the limelight as stars of the show.

The journey began from October 2 to 5, for all three age groups 9-11, 12-14 and 15-17 at the Ali Auditorium, Ali Institute of Education, Lahore. The Lahore Regional Championship for all three age groups was held on the October 6, at the same venue. A total of 180 schools from 23 cities across Punjab participated in the Lahore Regional Championship and over 400 teams in three age groups battled it out to win the Regional titles.

After the completion of the pool rounds, the teams split up into individual forces competing against each other for Regional titles.

In the 9-11 Age Group Waleed Irfan of Lahore Grammar School, Multan, emerged as the Lahore’s Regional Champion, Maheen Amir from DHA Senior School for Girls, Lahore secured the 1st runner-up position and the 2nd runner up title went to Safa Salaam of Lahore Grammar School, Johar Town, Lahore.

According to the results of the 12-14 Age Group, Mariam Fatima Ali of Resource Academia, Lahore, clinched the title of Lahore Regional Champion with Khadija Azhar of LACAS Johar Town, Lahore and Haaziquah Tahir of Sialkot Grammar School managing to get the 1st and 2nd runner up slots respectively.

With the last age group of 15-17 left, the competition seemed to move neck-to-neck as the well-prepared participants fought the spelling war and the results showed Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal of Lahore Grammar School, Multan, at the top as the Lahore Regional Champion, with Hira Irfan of LACAS Johar Town, Lahore, coming in as the 1st runner up and Aleeze Sultana Malik of The Lahore Alma acquiring the 2nd runner up position.

The support of parents and teachers was commendable. One of the teachers present at the event, Mrs Aniqa Mudassir said she was pleased with the kind of event that was hosted by Dawn. “The contest proved to be an extremely fruitful event for students as it gave them a chance to bring forth their inner abilities and confidence.”

It was great to see how even the students who were unable to get to the top three considered coming back again with even better preparation rather than having regrets so the competition turned out to be very healthy and motivating for all, portraying a great sportsman spirit.

The US Consul General, Ms Nina Maria Fite attended the first day of the Lahore Regional Rounds and gave her opening remarks of encouragement to the participants and visitors and she lauded The Dawn Media Group’s efforts in organising this competition.

The judges for the Lahore Regional Finals were Ms Qudsia Sajjad, Ms Amna Haider and Ms Fatima Hassan while the pronouncer was Mr Tanwir Shah. The judges were provided by the Oxford University Press.

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