I READ with interest your editorial on the topic of used cars’ import and what the government policy should be (Nov 18). Unfortunately, the case for the customer has not been argued properly.

This might confuse the public and policymakers if they are at all receptive to such inputs.

In my opinion, the most important factor in this discussion should have been the effect of this policy on the consumer which was neglected by everyone. Good governance demands that all policies of the government should also be made with the effect on the public in mind.

It must be taken into consideration that at present there is one local car which is priced below rupees 0.1 million. That is unfortunately the Mehran which is also priced at more than about 0.6 million.

If a consumer wants to buy a good car with all optional equipment and wants to spend about 0.8 million, what are his options? Among local cars there is none. Cultus, Swift, etc., all start above Rs1 million and Toyota, Honda begin at above Rs1.4 million.

On the contrary, there are many imported used cars which would satisfy his needs.

No matter what some people may say, these used cars are mostly in very good condition and have all the luxury accessories and safety equipment installed. That is why people are going for them. Why should people be denied this option? This is monopoly and cartel at its worst.

The government should remove the misuse of the TR, baggage facilities and allow import of these used cars on a commercial basis under normal import rules and controls as for other imported products.

After all, will the policymakers buy this lowest-priced local car mentioned herein for their own use? Of course, not. Why should the public then be forced to do so?


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Abdul Ghaffar
November 24, 2012 1:06 pm
I endorse the above mentioned point of view. An other aspect relating to imported cars is their better efficiency and safety features. Non of the Pakistan made cars of rice less than 2 million comes with complete safety gears such as bags.
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