As expected, against all the tall claims of the advisor to the ministry of petroleum and natural resources, Pakistan is inching towards the worst natural gas crisis in the forthcoming winter. The irony is that the advisor is misleading the nation and creating a false impression that the solution is round the corner.

Sometimes it is the LPG terminal, then he harps on, of an MOU with Qatar for LNG yet again he takes us the Iran Pakistan pipeline route or onto the TAPI project.

To top it all he talks like an expert on tight and shale gas.

As a matter of fact nothing has been achieved to avert the natural gas crisis that has gone from bad to worse. The advisor has now started blaming OGRA for the gas crisis. He has desired for long to have OGRA under his control. In any case he has been illegally influencing OGRA by interfering in their functions. Where in the world has a regulator been controlled by an administrative ministry where there is a conflict of interest?

The ministry of petroleum and natural resources has been well aware of the impending natural gas crisis for long and instead of taking practical steps, has just been making tall claims and now blaming others. Five years of inaction and just empty talk have damaged the oil and gas sector which will take a long time to repair.


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Rasheed Abbasi
November 24, 2012 6:45 am
I think one of the ways to reducing the ongoing natural gas crises would be for the govt to convert back all its vehicles to petrol. At least some relief would come to the genera public. After that the various Tax amenities that are being offered to the public may be tailored for those industries that are operating on gas. method of collection of Taxes is in dire need of revamping. This coupled with the plugging of holes in tax evasion could work wonders for the country.
November 23, 2012 5:16 pm
Only Pointing Problems will not solve the Problem.. Also plz advise what is the SOLUTION?
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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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