LAHORE, Nov 18: Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan is ‘fickle’ and has been ‘tasked with’ destroying Pakistan Muslim League and become its replacement, while Nawaz Sharif is humility epitomised.

These views are of young politician from Sindh Ms Marvi Memon, as expressed in her debut book ‘My Diaries’ that is to hit the stores on Tuesday (tomorrow), quoted by in a PML-N press release issued on Sunday.

In her political career spanning over less than a decade, the daughter of former federal minister and Senator Nisar Memon has been a ‘party hopper’. She entered political arena under Gen Musharraf, then joined once king’s party PML-Q and later after flirting a bit with Imran Khan’s PTI she is now in the PML-N.

The press release quotes Ms Memon as writing in her book that she found Imran Khan fickle and not stable. She says that during her PTI sojourn, she got ‘specific information’ from some party insiders that how Imran was ‘assigned with the task’ of destroying PML-N and then replacing it by capturing the Sharifs’ vote bank.

“That was something which disgusted me. And I then started to connect the dots and realised that my excuses for the question “Why not PML-N” are running out.”

Mr Memon seems to be more than satisfied with her latest political choice, the PML-N, which she finds to be ‘the right Muslim League’ for this day and age.

She describes the PML-N as a party where ‘wisdom and youth are combined to give solutions for today’s Pakistan and where political values are not based on power politics but principled politics’.

She says that the thing which most impressed her in Nawaz Sharif was his humility, besides his interest in Sindh’s situation.

The release quotes her as saying that Mian Nawaz Sharif, despite being the head of a major party not only invited her to join it but also discussed with her every “every thing political under the sun”.

“An invitation for a four-year old novice in politics from someone of his caliber showed me a kind of humility I had never witnessed before. I had seen Musharraf, Chaudhry Shujaat and Imran Khan and believe me, total contrasts. It was then that I learnt something none of the other leaders had demonstrated. When you are big enough a leader, you are not stingy about giving others more respect. In fact, the more you give the more you know you will get in return,” the release quotes from her book.

Ms Marvi has no qualms about being introduced in the politics by establishment.

Her argument is that she wasn’t the only one to have done so and as soon she realised (her mistake) she had the courage to apologise and ‘rectify’.

She says that she met with Shahbaz Sharif during the time she was regretting her decision to join the PTI.

“Shahaz Sahib is an amazing man with an immense passion and energy to work. He was a man who wanted me to come and contribute in every area of interest to me. It made me smile.”

About Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz, Ms Memon was quoted as saying that she found her very mature and sensible.

“Very little is known about the role Maryam plays within the party. She is a perfect listener, equaliser and ‘resolver’ at the same time.”

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