1.    Europe and Africa are separated by a sea. Can you name it?

2.    Which of the states and territories of Australia is an island?

3.    The Channel Islands are in the English Channel, off the French coast of Normandy and are part of the British Isles. Do you know the name of the largest of the islands?

4.    It is the only bascule bridge in London, whose road can be raised from either side to allow ships through. Can you name it? 5.    Liverpool lies on which river?

6.    Which desert, also the largest non-polar desert in the world, covers much of northern Africa?

7.    Which ocean lies between Africa and Australia and south of Asia?

8.    What are the only two countries to have a land border with the US?

9.    Which Scottish loch, with a length of about 24 miles, is reputed to contain a monster?

10.    Which island country lies off China, Korea and Russia? — Rehan Jalal


1.    The Mediterranean

2.    Tasmania

3.    Jersey

4.    Tower Bridge

5.    The Mersey

6.    The Sahara

7.    The Indian Ocean

8.    Canada and Mexico

9.    Loch Ness

10.    Japan

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