Consumers suffer daily due to CNG closures perpetrated by CNG dealers. It was a breath of fresh air when the CJP ordered reduction in the sky-rocketing price of CNG.

However, the CNG operators are making a mockery out of the order by the Supreme Court by closing down CNG pumps every other day so they can make more profits.

The transport sector in Karachi, including public mini-buses should be discouraged from using CNG by force. Any CNG dealer caught with supplying CNG to these buses should be fined heavily and their license revoked. This transport mafia continues to charge the passengers the old fares for petrol and diesel.

They have four or more CNG cylinders installed in these buses with no heed paid to safety of the passenger. They take extremely long to fill gas and cause problems for private vehicles.

These are the same buses that break red lights and pay complete disregard to designated bus stations. The bus drivers are usually 'stoned' with marijuana and are abusive to passengers.

Special CNG stations should be reserved for the rickshaws, pick-up trucks, taxis and other transport commercial vehicles.

They should be located at convenient spots at entrance to towns. The CDGK should take charge of these pumps. These pumps should operate only during certain hours of the day.

This move will reduce the burden on all other CNG stations who can then supply to private vehicles.

The All Pakistan CNG Association needs to be dealt with an iron hand. If the CJP can enforce the law and provide relief to the common man, the public will stand by him.


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yasir aziz
November 16, 2012 8:34 am
Dr Effendi has rightly pointed the problems being faced by all these days.CNG instead of relief to the nation is becoming a daily problem.CNG association is no more an assosiation rather has become a big MAFIA.I would recommend SC to again come into play and ensure its orders are implemented in true letter and spirit.Cancellation of licenses and heavy fines could be the best option.But i am afraid it could prove to be a daunting task. Prime reason is that majority of CNG stations are owned by Political figures may that be in government or in opposition.So CJ has to play his role again and ensure that justice is for all.
waleed raza
November 16, 2012 6:20 pm
The bus operators are making fool of public by not enlisting fare list issued by RTO, and charge commuters accordingly. The sindh ministry of transport in coalition with karachi transport ittehad and selective CNG stations are burdening the common man to increase their own profit. The action must be taken in this regard by the public itself now. Atleast i am taking on my own indi individual level.
Zahid Chaudhri
November 16, 2012 2:26 pm
The Karachites are making noises at the CNG closure. We in Lahore are facing 3 day closure since long and even then since the Supreme Court order There is not enough pressure to fill because the owners dont run the compressors at the full to save electricity cost. We face misery daily. If the orders of the Supreme Court can not be implemented why pass them? Why to put the consumers in a position of misery? Can somebody look into it. Is OGRA unaware of all this or it is turning a blind eye.
November 16, 2012 2:21 pm
Supreme Court has no business in price fixation. Verdict of Supreme Court is populist in nature and is only meant to appeal to masses. So sad. Technically, there should be just a marginal difference between CNG and petrol prices. Otherwse, a scarce resource would be wasted at prices set by SC.
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