THIS is apropos of the letter ‘Troubled marketing’ (Nov 10). If we try to search on the Net the difference between traditional marketing and conventional marketing, it seems that both words give the same sense. Therefore we cannot conclude that traditional marketing methods, as defined by the writer, apparently do not work well under current circumstances. We are living in a materialistic society where small incentives work well as compared to post-materialist western societies.

Marketers never live in myopia: they always devise market-driven programmes. Therefore, the philosophy behind reduction in prices, clearance sales, buy - one - get - one - free gimmicks etc. is part of the marketing techniques that help to boost the demand of the product. The techniques mentioned above are traditional as well as conventional because of its wide use in the present-day societies.

I do not agree that marketing managers are distancing themselves from sales figures. Practically, marketing and sales are linked. All marketing efforts are aimed at increasing the volume of sales or profitability of an organisation by using promotional mix.

No doubt, due to globalisation, technological development and targeting techniques have changed but the main objective of increasing sales and profitability remains intact for organisations.

All marketing efforts of developing and promoting brands are designed keeping in mind the ever-changing needs and taste of the customer. If customers’ priorities are changing in the developing world, marketers are accordingly adapting marketing efforts too.

Brands are always desperate to boost sales and profitability. It is not a new phenomenon and nothing goes wrong if traditional methods, as described by the writer, are used to boost sales of a company. This is normal and happens all over the world.

About the answer raised by the writer as to how long it will take to effectively integrate marketing functions with sales targets, the answer is simple. Marketing is a need-based tool which is designed according to the demand of customers as the basic principle of marketing is ‘customer is the king’ and marketers understand this thoroughly.

So what marketers are doing to increase the present sales is right. And the question to be raised should relate to the sustainability of sales, along with profitability.

PROF (Dr) SANAUR REHMAN University of Balochistan, Quetta

Updated Nov 15, 2012 12:11am

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