THIS is with reference to the under-process recruitment by NAB advertised in newspapers in December 2011. The whole procedure has so far taken 11 months and has not been finalised yet.

In October, the candidates were called for interviews to be held at Karachi on 19th and 20th October followed by Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore and Islamabad.

The list of candidates declared successful in the psychological test was called for an interview on Oct 19 at 8.30am. However, interviews were conducted from 1.00pm. When candidates called NAB’s Islamabad office for inquiring about their result, the official concerned behaved rudely with them.

NTS was asked to conduct the psychological test of candidates which had never conducted such in its history. A single psychological test by NTS was held twice: on Aug 4 and Aug 11. Such practice is unheard of in any organisation. The Islamabad inquiry number 051-9258478-9 also remained unattended and the Karachi office refused to provide any relevant information to the aspirants.

Candidates with high marks in the written test were pushed out of competition on the pretext of poor performance in the psychological test though the test mentioned that there was no right or wrong answer to the questions. A certain proportion of candidates with fewer marks but having relevant connections were selected for the interview.

A ratio of 1.3-1.4 candidates per post was called for an interview, thus providing credence to dubious manoeuvres during the selection process. A standard of three candidates per seat is followed by all organisations. It would have been better to award offer letters to candidates as the interviews just seemed to be a formality.

The psychological test results displayed on NAB’s website in excel file had hidden rows in it, which if opened displayed other candidates’ names as well, which proved their carelessness.

Secrecy till the last moment was maintained by the authorities concerned so as not to disclose any information to the candidates. But all those with the right connections were shown the merit lists and were provided with the desired information and data. It took NAB two months to realise that the list of candidates who had not submitted their documents should be pasted on its website. They continued to call each candidate after the psychological test, thus wasting precious time and acting immaturely.

S. ABBASI Hyderabad

Updated Nov 15, 2012 12:00am

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Comments (2) (Closed)

Nov 19, 2012 02:28pm
This article is aimed at undermining the NAB recruitment process and playing with the fate of all the aspirant candidates' wishes who rightfully made to the the interviews and are currently waiting for their final results. I am one amongst those, and recently went through the interview process. For the most part, I disagree with this article, as I am the one who secured top position both in written and psychological test, and did not have any political or bureaucratic connections to influence the NAB authorities to have made it to interviews. I have contact NAB Training Wing a number of times and they have attended most of my calls, and have answered to all of my queries and have been patient and courteous with me during those conversations. In fact Mr. Ikramullah, has been quite supportive in addressing candidates' interview related (receipt of interview letter, interview timings) queries. Candidates were informed of their interviews through mail, SMS and call by both NTS and NAB offices. With regard to the 'assumption' (which is merely based on someone's opinion but not backed by sound and authentic evidence) that the process is politically influenced and the candidates are not the deserving ones - from my personal experience, I would tell you this, I met JIOs, ADs, and DDs and had some fruitful discussion with many of them (as I had to wait for 7 hours for my turn), I can safely say that all of them were educated, well qualified, many of them employed in public and private places. I'm not a representative or an affiliate of NAB, but I'm one of the candidates who had been through this long and yes tiring process and now desperately waiting to hear about the final results and inshaAllah hope that all deserving candidates including me would get what we've been sowing for last one year or so, and would request the author to verify the facts before writing a dishonest journalistic piece. I am sure you would find many of us (those who made to the interviews stage) would second my opinion as well.
Nov 20, 2012 07:22am
The artcile from S. Abbasi is completely baseless. I have seen first time in my life that an Organization is following 100% merit, no safarish. All the candidates who were called for interview were meritorious. NAB has proved transparency at every step of this recruitement. Only those who fails to qualify are now creating laim excuses and blaiming NAB.