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PPP asked to halt ‘anti-ANP campaign’

PESHAWAR, Nov 12: A member of the provincial council of ANP Malik Mughal Daudzai has criticised Pakistan Peoples Party, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa president Anwar Saifullah Khan, asking him to stop ‘anti-ANP campaign’.

The ANP leader, speaking at a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Monday, said since the PPP leader had been appointed as provincial president, he was speaking against ANP without any reason.

“PPP has failed to get popularity in KP because it used to change provincial president every year and was unable to compete with ANP,” he claimed and added the ANP had the credit for rendering sacrifice of hundreds of people in the war on terror and fighting for Pakhtuns’ rights.

Mr Mughal said Anwar Saifullah could not tolerate the democratic stance of ANP because he always remained with dictators and did not know the way the parties were organised at grassroots level.

He further said PPP in every regime made only pledges with people but did not provide any relief to masses against inflation, sectarianism, militancy and unemployment, adding that ill-convinced policies of the federal government has put the country on the verge of collapse.

“ANP has roots in the masses and can win election on its own and PPP leaders cannot pressure us into avoiding any electoral alliance,” he said. He said PPP had always preferred dollars at the cost of public interests and the frequent drone attacks were live proof of a bargain with the United States.

The ANP, he claimed was the only political party which believed in public service and was fully following its manifesto.

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