LAHORE, Nov 9: A group show of art works by three artists opened at Drawing Studio, Gulberg on Friday.

Beenish Usman, Kausar Iqbal and Muhammad Awais have displayed their works under title “Variable Viewpoint”.

These graduates of the National College of Arts work in the genre of miniature painting.

Beenish Usman’s creative practice is a manifestation of confrontation that has become a routine part of our daily lives. Barriers of various forms that are placed almost everywhere in the public spaces for security purposes in present sociopolitical situations are the objects drawn in her work.

These mundane objects are composed on mute landscapes which are minutely rendered in a floated manner on picture plane as background scenes.

Kausar Iqbal graduated in 2006 and is currently teaching as a drawing instructor in the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. In works, art critic Aasim Akhtar notices, the ground becomes a cosmos, a mist, or a map: this painted world evokes a habitat for ghostly creatures and a bestiary in his heavens.

Muhammad Awais graduated in 2009. He practices as sculptor and works as an illustrator and designer besides being a miniature painter. Awais’s work appears to be the embodiment of the element of contrast where imagery is rendered in opposite colour to the surface. His fluid and organic images float on the picture plane; motives of flower, fruits transformed into the shapes which have tension between reality and imagination.

PU EVENT: The College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab invited the Trust for History of Art and Architecture of Pakistan  Conference delegates to an exhibition of works by college students at the Anna Molka Art Gallery on Friday.

Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran inaugurated the exhibition.

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