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PESHAWAR: At least one security man was killed and another was injured when militants attacked a security checkpost in South Waziristan early Friday, security sources said.

The attack took place at the Toi Khula fort area in the Wana agency headquarters at around 4am (PST) in the morning.

In a counter attack, security forces killed at least six militants and wounded 13 others, security sources said.

Security sources claimed that three vehicles belonging to the militants were also destroyed in the retaliatory attack.

The area is cut off to journalists and aid workers and it was not possible to confirm the death toll independently.

South Waziristan is among Pakistan’s seven tribal districts near the Afghan border which are rife with homegrown insurgents and are alleged to be strongholds of Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives.

The tribal region was once the main stronghold for the Pakistani Taliban. The military launched a large offensive against militants there in 2009, but insurgents still operate in the area and periodically stage attacks.

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