WHEN superstorm Sandy struck East Coast, President Obama immediately suspended his election campaign, cancelled all prior political or private commitments and was seen steering relief operations, working closely even with states such as New Jersey led by a Republican governor.

In a democracy, politicians have to be seen serving the people and making their welfare and securing national interest the primary objective.

Nobody is above the law, nor can anybody afford to be seen abusing their powers.

This does not mean that there is no corruption in America, but the fact. is that if any member of the ruling elite is caught in financial impropriety or violating any laws, or abuse of office, he cannot escape accountability.

As compared to that, we witnessed that when parts of Pakistan had natural disasters such as floods etc. members of our ruling elite embarked on their foreign junkets, leaving unfortunate millions to face the wrath of nature and consequences of a collapsed infrastructure infected with rampant corruption.

The mere holding of elections is not democracy. It is a system through which people elect individuals to act solely as custodians of national exchequer and collective welfare of the people, working strictly in accordance with laws and accountable for all acts and financial transactions to the people and superior judiciary.

The American president does not en joy blanket immunity for any criminal act, no]’ abuse of power even during tenure of his presidency.

This has been clearly established in the case of President Nixon and again when President Clinton had t o face investigation by special prosecutor for perjury in Monica Lewinsky scandal.

No senator or member of the House of Representative in the US can dare to ridicule the Supreme Court, or even remotely be associated with any activity that is against laws or the constitution.

The founding fathers of US constitution have clearly stated that democracy is rule of laws, not of men.

A.M. TARIQ United States

Updated Nov 08, 2012 12:06am

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Comments (6) (Closed)

Salman Chaudhry
Nov 09, 2012 04:03am
Strange comment by observer. Welfare is of many kinds - mental, moral, wealth, health, etc. What people got when Obama visited, a sense of belonging, a sigh of relief, mental satisfaction that the one who is entrusted upon to lead the nation under whose leadership and wisdom, the nation prospers and develop, is with us whenever we are in trouble, who can do things for us for the betterment. President and all the people in power are like father of the whole nation to look after. The nation expects this fatherly role from the president and people in power. Not like Pakistan, when the children are in trouble and distress, father leaves them in the trouble and takes the flight for foreign junkets. Well written letter which goes above the head of observer, got confused himself, don't know what conclusion to draw and expects a barrage of criticism and put comments just for the sake of non-sense criticism. May GOD save Pakistan from people like observer are nothing but the road blockers of the development and prosperity of the country through non-productive and non-sense criticism.
Nov 08, 2012 10:42am
Well said
Nov 08, 2012 01:44pm
Compare this to the so called Father & Mother of the slogan Called " DEMOCRACY IS THE BEST REVENGE " , What was he doing when the Floods caused havoc in Pakistan ?!? , Flying out to France and then to UK ..... And what was his Chief Executive ( the prime minister YRG ) telling the people back home , AAZ's visit was essential to be carried out as planned before as it was in the best interests of Pakistan Hahahahahahahahahha. So are the democrats and so is the democracy in service of 180 millions pures
Nov 08, 2012 11:57am
It is very rare to see such confused mind as the writer of this letter has shown. Absolutely mixing up unrelated things and reaching God knows what conclusion. I was expecting a barrage of comments containing criticism to what the writer of the letter has tried to argue. It seems people have no time to comment on pointless letters. It is correct that governments of democracies function for the people of their country. But if Pakistani Prime Minister or Chief Minister of a province personally go to a flood affected area, what welfare will the people of the area get? Strange letter.
Nov 09, 2012 06:03am
You obviously don't want to understand what the writer is saying. Why have a PM or CM or even a President, who consider it appropriate to go to London or Paris when millions of people face death or starvation due to floods etc. An elected government has to be seen sharing the grief of their people, not rollicking around the world visiting their Chateau in Paris or London. It is duty of an elected leadership to oversee relief work being carried. This is what happens in every responsible democratic country. Even the President of Russia returned back from an official visit to be present in the country when there was a tragedy there.
Mahmood Minhas
Nov 08, 2012 01:04pm
We cannot compete the system of democracy with the develop nations. Actual meaning of democracy is for the people of the people and by the people, But on the contrary democracy in our country if for the politicians, by the politcians and of the politicians.The peoples of the nation are used as a tools.