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Obamamania once again


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Barack Obama’s re-election as President of the United States shows that Americans are once again ready to put their faith in him.

Despite slow economic recovery and high unemployment, with a sweeping victory over Republican candidate Mitt Romney, is it time for Obama to change the “yes we can” to “yes we will?”

He may have won in the battleground states, but the battle has just begun. With a nation increasingly divided over issues such as the economy, healthcare and foreign policy, the time is here for the president to prove himself for the second chance he has been given. Can Mr Obama fulfill the American dream this time round?

At the same time, it is not just Americans who would be closely watching the Obama presidency elected for a second term, the world too, would have its eyes on him. Can the ‘four more years’ also establish a better stance at foreign policy now?

According to a recent analysis piece published by, a Karachi-based lawyer said, “Many Pakistanis were disillusioned by the tenure of Obama. For some reason they held the strange view that Obama’s promise of change was directed at them rather than at the US electorate. They were therefore shocked to discover a muscular foreign policy shift against Pakistan under the incumbent US administration.” Will Pakistanis change their view point of the President and the Democratic Party towards one more in touch with reality? Or will they still expect something extraordinary to arise from Washington?

Drone strikes have made the American president increasingly unpopular. However, the Obama administration’s support in areas of education and healthcare in Pakistan reflects a change in America’s approach towards dealing with Pakistan and the Pakistani people. Do you think this change will carry on for the next four years and further support Pakistan’s basic and more vital needs? Or will the Pakistani government still depend on the US for more in terms of military and financial aid while not getting any positive response on that end?

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faz Nov 07, 2012 06:12pm
Totally agree what you said
smosawwirshah Nov 10, 2012 05:12am
Thanks dear ________________________________
S.M. Shah Nov 07, 2012 09:24am
We (Pakistanies) are still building castles in air, if we turn the last 4 years Mr. Obama's deeds towards pakistan is well enough for us to understand the core policy of Amricans towards Pakistan. Mr. Obama will do nothing in favor of Pakistan as well as Islam. We muslims specially Pakistanies should realize the scenario and keep nil expectations from Mr. Obama.
Farjad Nov 08, 2012 09:54am
I wonder whether there was any bhangra in Liari this time araound......
Expat (usa) Nov 07, 2012 12:31pm
Ask not what Obama can do for you, ask what Zardari can do for you.
Cyrus Howell Nov 08, 2012 04:51pm
Cyrus Howell Nov 08, 2012 04:50pm
All the little people, the ordinary people feel as though this is their victory.
Muhammad Nov 07, 2012 07:40pm
Not just Obama - any president of US irrespective of the party. In international relations, self interest always comes first. Comparatively, Obama is still better in foreign policy than Republicans, who believe that all problems can be solved by force. America is good at it: "If hammer is your best tool, every problem will looks like a nail to you."
j saifee Nov 07, 2012 02:26pm
this statement answer perfectly everything