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PM returns home after visit to Saudi Arabia

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. — Photo by Reuters

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf returned here on Sunday from Saudi Arabia after performing Hajj.

The Prime Minister visited Saudi Arabia on October 22 as the special guest of Khadimul Harmain Sharifain King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz who had sent him an invitation for the Hajj.

During his stay, the Prime Minister performed various rituals of Hajj including Tawaaf at Haram Sharif, stone-pelting at Jamarat and the Saee at Safa and Marwa.

Prime Minister Ashraf also visited Masjid Al-Qiblatain, Masjid Al-Quba and the Saba (seven) Masajid. He offered Nawaafil there and prayed for the prosperity and progress of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister earlier also performed Umrah on the next day of his arrival.

He attended a banquet hosted by Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

The King congratulated the Prime Minister on performing Hajj. The banquet was attended by heads of governments and states of various countries.

The Prime Minister also held a detailed meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and extended him an invitation to visit Pakistan which he accepted.

The Prime Minister also praised the arrangements of Hajj made by the government of Saudi Arabia.

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Oct 29, 2012 10:51am
Why waste columns on his performing of Hajj or telling us what he did as millions performed same way. Did he really prayed for the prosperity and progress of Pakistan or prayed for God to protect his post. All Pakistani politicians are only interested in their prosperity and not that of Pakistan