Ayub for 2 good political parties

RAWALPINDI: President Ayub Khan today (Oct 26) assured the people that if changes in the Constitution are brought about through the National Assembly, he would not stand in their way.

The President, addressing the nation over the national hook-up of Radio Pakistan this evening, said it was his faith that institutions were more lasting than human mortals. Referring to the activities of disqualified politicians, President Ayub said that as a result of their activities, the formation and growth of political parties has been badly stalled.

Expressing his opinion that the country needs a couple of properly organised parties with a progressive national programme, the President appealed to the politicians, including the disqualified ones, to take a broad and honest view of the situation. —Staff Correspondent

Dancing to be taught in Afghan schools

TEENAGED boys and girls attending schools all over Afghanistan have been asked to undergo training in theatrical acting and dancing.

Services of a number of foreign dancers and actors have been acquired from the Soviet Union, India, France and some other countries. Reports from across the Durand Line indicated in various regions of Afghanistan, Orthodox Muslims and religious-minded people have expressed resentment over this Government order.—Agencies

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