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A handout picture received from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital/University Hospitals in Birmingham on October 26, 2012, shows Malala Yousafzai sitting on her bed amid her mother Toorpekai Yousufzai (L), brothers Khushal Khan (3rd R) and Apal Khan (R) and father Ziauddin Yousufzai, at the hospital in Birmingham on October 25, 2012. —AFP Photo

LONDON: Pakistan’s response to the shooting of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants was a “turning point” for the country, her father said Friday at the British hospital where is recovering.

“When she fell, Pakistan stood... This is a turning point,” said Ziauddin Yousafzai, who flew to Britain with other family members on Thursday to help their daughter’s recovery.

Malala Yousufzai, 15, was shot in the head by gunmen for raising her voice against the Pakistani Taliban and advocating “Western, secular” values.

The young activist was flown from Pakistan to the British city of Birmingham to receive specialist treatment after the attack, which drew widespread international condemnation.

Yousufzai said Friday his daughter was strong and would “rise again” to pursue her dreams after receiving treatment in a British hospital.

“They wanted to kill her. But she fell temporarily. She will rise again. She will stand again,” he said, his voice wavering and breaking with emotion as he spoke.

“It’s a miracle for us ... She was in a very bad condition,” he told reporters, sitting alongside his son. “She is improving with encouraging speed.”

Yousufzai began standing up to the Pakistani Taliban when she was 11, when the Islamabad government had effectively ceded control of the Swat Valley where she lives to the militants.

She has been in critical condition since gunmen shot her in the head and neck as she left school in Swat, northwest of Islamabad.

British doctors say she has every chance of making a good recovery at the special hospital unit, expert in dealing with complex trauma cases.

Her father said he and his family cried when they were finally reunited with Malala on Thursday. “We are very happy,” he said. “I pray for her.”

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S. Ahmed
Oct 26, 2012 09:51am
Brave Little Sister. Happy Eid and hope you get well soon !!!
Oct 27, 2012 11:53pm
Eid Mubarak to beloved daughter, get well soon and may Allah bless you health and happniess
Oct 26, 2012 08:46am
After the dust settles and the rhetoric ends, the people of Pakistan (as the government never does anything anyway) should fulfill Malala's dream by helping set up as many girl schools as they can in the Swat area......what a sweet revenge to the barbarians and their supporters in Pakistan.
pyarali khoja
Oct 26, 2012 11:50am
Entire world community is very proud of Malala and her parents.
Oct 26, 2012 11:50am
best of luck malala you are a ray of hop for coming generation in Pakistan
Oct 26, 2012 12:29pm
we will also celebrate Eid, just see now
Oct 26, 2012 05:04pm
To help young girls who want to go to school in Swat and people who would like to operate girl schools in Swat provide them body guard protection. Either the government should do it or Foundations to Support Swat Schools for Girls should be established. These Foundations would supply the funds for a private security force made up of people from other areas of the country so that their families will not be in danger- of course they need to speak the local language. I don't know if these type of Foundations exist now but they are badly needed if you are to have progress with girl schools in Swat.
Oct 27, 2012 04:40am
Eid Mubarak to beloved daughter, get well soon and may Allah bless you health and happniess
Dilawer Figar
Oct 26, 2012 12:32pm
Time to think about bringing a change in common people's life specially in Swat and in general throughout Pakistan. This is definitely a turning point for the betterment of the area. Focus on Swat and then move outward to make a big difference. The World is watching you people so all those who are in power and have capacity to make a difference please stand up and do not fail us again.
Oct 26, 2012 12:56pm
There is no turning point in Pakistan. Thinks will never change. The Taliban will kill the girl and nothing will change. The outrage is over.
Oct 26, 2012 02:42pm
yes u r true for malaa
Oct 26, 2012 01:14pm
If Pakistan does not take action against Taliban then America will act and use drones inside Pakistan to destroy them.Like America got after Osama Bin Laden.
Oct 26, 2012 01:25pm
Sharia followed by Taliban and Modern Education is at logger heads with each other from few decades.Due to which poor Malala Yousafzai suffered. The war is between the Old(sharia) and the New(Modern Education) Malala Yousafzai sided for the New and hence she was gun-downed.The Old is followed by the Taliban and the New followed by the west so called America which is a Christian country which the Taliban thinks its against Quran and Islam.
Oct 26, 2012 02:02pm
If there is someone Pakistan needs in Pakistan today, it is Malala and her father. They have singlehandedly defeated TTP's primitive and distorted mindset without the aid of any weapons; something that the Pakistan government and army could not do over the last five years.
Oct 26, 2012 11:52am
Best of Luck Malala Come back soon Pakistan with a ray of hope to common men
Oct 26, 2012 11:52am
Malala, be blessed - so proud of you !
Md. Tajuddin Quresi
Oct 26, 2012 02:05pm
Malala has done proud not only for Pakistan but for the entire muslim world. She has proved that the pen is mightier than the sword. Shame for the cowards who hide and attack innocent teens. The brave walk poudly in the open and cowards are those who hide and many a times before their dealth. Mohammed Tajuddin Qureshi
Asif Kashmiri
Oct 26, 2012 02:10pm
dream on
Oct 26, 2012 02:25pm
Don't blame Pakistan or the people. Think about the root cause.
Oct 26, 2012 02:32pm
A lot people are advocating that the Pakistan army should open a new front in Waziristan against this group. Although the TTP is by far one of the most heartless and soulless groups operating today, a military operation will create a lot more harm than any good. This sort of group cannot be destroyed militarily. A massive country-wide backlash will accompany a military push and the amount of terrorist attacks will skyrocket. The solution is to find out where the TTP is getting its funding and cut it off and also to get a campaign going in FATA to persuade the tribal militia to: a) Oppose the TTP and other terror groups operating the state, b) Get tribal militia to unite with the help of funds and arms.
Oct 26, 2012 02:36pm
*Last line should be "terror groups OPPOSING the state"
Oct 26, 2012 02:45pm
Stay as brave and honest as you are Malala. You are a single girl who raised her voice against talibanisation. Pakistan needs a many Malalas to protect woman and girls. We are proud of you and Thank you.
Ajaya K Dutt
Oct 26, 2012 03:03pm
What a gracious Eid gift to all of us. You have shown that you are truly merciful. The whole family is my Hero. God bless you all.
Concerned Citizen
Oct 26, 2012 03:32pm
I would ask the civil society, school, colleges and university students, teachers, business community, the lawyers (who were so active during CJ's support protests but who unfortunately and pathetically also showered petals on Qadri, the killer of Gov. Taseer) to show some guts and spine and come out on the streets in support of education and enlightment and the fight for a stable and progressive Pakistan.
Oct 26, 2012 03:44pm
Nothing will change in Pakistan. We are doomed for ever.
Oct 27, 2012 10:10am
Recover,get educated and live a long fulfilling life....good luck !
Oct 27, 2012 12:31am
Looking at the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" votes -- how can there be any "thumbs down" feeling? What is utterly amazing is that anyone could feel a negative reaction to such a message of hope and cheer. What kind of person can do such a thing?
Oct 27, 2012 12:59am
My eyes are wet with joy, seeing this photo of Malala getting better. Majority of Pakistanis surely must be on her side. If they stand up with her, the Talban will be history. It is upto them. Malala has shown them the way. May you live long kid, for I know you will contribute to humanity in years to come.
muzammil ullah khan
Oct 26, 2012 04:33pm
whenever i think of this girl , which is most of the time , i see a ray of hope in the darkness that surrounds us in the shape of extremism in the name of islam . i wish we, the general public , were half as brave as this girl. if we just follow her lead and defy these terrorists we can eliminate this menace.
Chango Man
Oct 26, 2012 04:09pm
@observer. Educating all members of a society are not American values. They are World values, except for Pakistan. Prove me wrong and stand up to the Taliban on this.The US respects all religions. All the beliefs are represented in the US. Where are you getting your information?
Oct 26, 2012 04:21pm
We are too. Thanks.
Oct 27, 2012 12:59am
@observer hahah, man your observation is funny just cant stop laughing at your comments you have no clue about sharia law take a legal advice and please improve your observation, still laughin at it.......lol
Oct 27, 2012 01:11am
We all know that literacy and only literacy in the common people will be able to flourish democracy in Pakistan. Go to interior Sind, Punjab and Balochistan and find out the level of education. It is the feudal, jaagirdaar, Nawab, Pir and choudhury system that common mass is devoid of education and is living as slaves. Generation to generation they are keeping poor people captive. Drastic action needs to be taken to get rid of those people so that fear disappears.
Oct 27, 2012 01:37pm
Malala is a little child and we should not take the childhood away from her.
Oct 26, 2012 04:29pm
Such turning points come every month in pakistan... anybody ignorant of them, i can give them the list...
jalaluddin S. Hussain
Oct 26, 2012 09:47pm
I completely agree with you. However, I sincerely feel that Pakistanis will have to implement the the lofty principles of "Simple living and high thinking". They should not fight "terrorism war" for the USA. Instead, they should fight the terrorists with their own weapons and planning and not depend on the American drones strikes. May Allah grant Malala speedy recovery!
Oct 26, 2012 07:28pm
Not sure if its turning point. No action has happened yet or will happen so not sure what has turned?
Hassan Naqvi
Oct 27, 2012 07:34am
Down with terrorists, we are all with Malala
Oct 26, 2012 08:24pm
Dear Observer, Muslims around the world follow the same Sharia, there is no concept of old or new Sharia , real problem is it's interpretation. The interpretation of Sharia followed by taliban is absolutely wrong because the God we pray to is not only our God, He is " RAHMATULIL ALAMEEN " and not " RAHMATULIL MUSLIMEEN ". In my opinion whatever Taliban are doing makes them infidel.
Oct 26, 2012 08:13pm
I read all the comments of various people, and was disappointed. Most of them are pointless and meaningless. No body talked about the problem and the solution. Taliban is evidently a group of outlaws committing crimes in the country. Why can't the government and the people stop this. It seems like Taliban are gorrilas from some other country fighting a gorrila war in Pakistan. It is completely legitimate for the pakistan army to take action. Pakistani people are also responsible for it. Taliban are not hiding; they live among Pakistani people. Those people sympathise with them and support them. It is time that People and government wake up and jointly do some thing about it.
Oct 26, 2012 04:38pm
NO western country---not UK, not USA---would allow the exploitation of pictures or even name of an underage minor for such publicity. The picture above would be considered as obscene unlawful exploitation of minors, both daughter and sons, as this father has done. He would be prosecuted by law. His children would be taken over by child protection services and put into foster care. He has set a bad image of Pakistani parents in our minds.
Oct 27, 2012 01:56pm
I am responding to email that says that we should not take away Malala childhood. From everything I have read about conditions in the Swat Valley, I think that children lose their childhood at a very early age. They probably see and hear things that people in the west never see or hear in their entire lives. With the Taliban still hanging out there, Swat is probably not the easiest place to grow up in if you are a child and especially a female child. The Pakistani government will not or can not support Malala so the rest of the world will need to help out. I want to help so if you also want to help you can contact me at www.acongressforthepeople.com.
Oct 26, 2012 08:18pm
More girl schools colleges not only in Swat but All over Pakistan should be built and the Madrassas where brainwashed Talibaan are produced by ignorant Mullahs should be closed and to honor the golden words of Malala's loving and proud father Mr. Ziauddin Yousafzai , "a turning point for Pakistan" the shameless and coward Talibans should be wiped out from the face of earth. May Allah keep his family and other girls like Malala in his protection from these cowards who don't deserve to be called humans.
Oct 26, 2012 08:44pm
It is best to find permanent residence for Malala in a safe country from where she can continue her work for the promotion of girls education in Pakistan she will also be supported by many social organizations operating in the free world.If she returns the zaliman will eventually sneak in somehow and make another attempt to get her out of the way and her work will be left unfinished.
Oct 26, 2012 05:46pm
y r u all bring religion in every field.........do u have some sense,if have then use it plz.......a girl is fighting for a a nation which have some breath left....help her & pakistan too.......taliban is only destroying the dream of real pakistanis ......& plz dont blame other for yr condition .........
Oct 26, 2012 09:05pm
such a cute girl mashallah get well soon we are all praying for you :(
Oct 27, 2012 08:23am
Malala is a gift to Pakistan as well as to the continent for her strong will to fight against her attackers. She is certainly a the future leader of Pakistan, who has ability to inspire others and stand up to injustice. Indian women should take her an example to fight against all kind of bullying. I wish all her the best for fast recovery and remain a source of inspiration to all
Oct 26, 2012 05:40pm
God Bless you, Malala. Eid Mubarak from your Christian Uncle. May your tragedy be the spark that burns the unholy, sinful, unIslamic hateful Taliban.
Oct 26, 2012 05:50pm
Which Quran and which Islam these Talibans are following? They have no respect for Quran or Prophet Mohammad PBUH. Each and everything they are saying and doing is 100% wrong. They are not and cannot be Muslims. Ordinary peace loving people of Pakistan and Afghanistan have been overwhelmed by the ferocity, ruthlessness and barbarism of handful lawless beasts. Please pray with me for the sake of all those innocent people and families who have been destroyed by these animals.
Oct 26, 2012 05:56pm
Malala you are a giant amongst us.we are all so proud of you.what you have done for this confused country is un parallel . God bless you and i pray for myself and the country men of this land of pure the same courage that you have. And for Mala's father, thank you for the incredible upbringing and values that you have instilled in your kids,God bless your family
Oct 26, 2012 05:59pm
well said
Oct 26, 2012 07:47pm
It is time that the menace of the terrorists is put to an end once & for all. All Pakistanis must be united and show their resolve in fight against fanatics, bigots and terrorists.
Oct 26, 2012 07:33pm
Let us hope Malala would recover fast. Let us pray for such a miracle. What an irony that her treatment and recovery are taking place in a such a far place,
Oct 26, 2012 06:51pm
Eid Mubarak to all who share the pain of My Daughter (Malala) Allah will give full recovery do not give upmy child Blessing and Mercy of Allah be with and ur family.
Oct 27, 2012 04:28pm
Father of Malala, you are the true icon for Pakistan, hats off for your grooming...............what a fantastic child gifted to this country. I salute you sir............ Government nomination does not mean anything ............People nomination is the real nomination I nominate Malala as
Oct 26, 2012 06:45pm
This is the best news coming out of Pakistan in last few months. She will survive and Pakistanis will make sure that her sacrifies is not wasted.
Oct 27, 2012 07:27am
Oct 26, 2012 04:41pm
What is your point?
Oct 26, 2012 05:37pm
Dear Muhammed, You are right about taliban. I will add to your comment : Taliban has nothing but hate.
raheel ali
Oct 26, 2012 04:52pm
i am soo happy and wish u a very happy eid mubarak to u malala gat well soon dear
Oct 26, 2012 04:53pm
@Observer. "Sharia followed by Taliban". I hope you are not hallucinating.
Danish Amjad
Oct 26, 2012 04:55pm
get well soon my my princess sister I'll pray for your live long.
Oct 26, 2012 05:01pm
War is the last resort !! Pakistan needs to know its enemy at the first place, certainly taliban are under control , but US isnt , as far as OBL is concerned , it was a hoax , you should wake up observer by now , if you seriously think OBL was found and killed in pak , i am afraid you are not looking a the big picture here !!!
Oct 26, 2012 05:03pm
Times does not remains the same , it changes , there will be good time for pakistan too , please do note Taliban is a creation of CIA.
Oct 26, 2012 12:17pm
Eid Mubarik to my beloved brave daughter and her family . Stay wherever you want to but don't go back to Pakistan . People of Pakistan don't deserve the sacrifice you have already made or going to make in future. Just take care of yourself. GET WELL SOON!
Oct 28, 2012 05:01am
I hope that the Government of Pakistan provides 24/7 protection to Malala's family. Once Malala recovers completely, don't go back to Pakistan, I hope she settles in London or in U.S. and pursue her education. Just do not go back, I hope her entire family leaves Pakistan because I do worry about their safety. May Allah protect and safeguard us all.
Oct 26, 2012 09:15am
It is shame that Pakistan government cannot take on the Taliban and finish it for ever.The government by supporting the policies of Taliban becomes responsible for the killing innocent Pakistani civilians. The Taliban hate women and girls.Pakistan government cannot protect women and children. Its shameful.
ali erfani
Oct 26, 2012 08:50am
what kind of difference the muslim extremists feel now ! if one girl has defeated an international terror group,it means that followers of "Haq" are few but victorious over a large number of "Batil". My special thanks to those real followers of Allah who saved her, in fact they saved humanity.