An informative issue

I read Young World magazine regularly. It is very interesting and informative. I like it very much!

The October 13, 2012, issue was very interesting, especially the story A doctor with a vision by Madeeha Ahmad.

Every doctor should feel the same way about his motherland.

I also appreciate the feedback published about the article Study buddy by Ahzam Ahmed (YW, September 29, 2012). It’s true that when we study in a group, our concepts become clearer and we learn much more than we can by studying alone.

Art corner is my favourite section in the entire magazine. The cover story of the October 13 issue, The road to leadership by Samreen Razi, was also good as it provided us with useful tips to polish our leadership skills.

Sara Javed, Lahore

More pages please!

Young World is awesome! However, there is only one problem that there are not enough pages in the magazine. I really love to read it but I would request the YW team to add more pages in the magazine so that we can get more reading material to last us through the week.

M. Maaz Munir, Lahore

The road to leadership

The road to leadership by Samreen Razi (October 13) summed up the qualities of leadership as self-esteem, focus on goals, decision-making, veracity, courage, optimism, reasoning, flexibility, patience, intuition and well-being.

All these qualities are very much a part of leadership, but good leadership needs some more qualities too. Good leaders transformed the world through peaceful means and became a hope for the weaker sections of society.

Ashraf Naushahi, Karachi

Why is Turbat ignored?

I am an old reader of Young World magazine and I like it much. But I have noticed that most of the stories published in the Story time section of the magazine are written by the people based in large cities of Pakistan. I would like to see more contributions by people from Turbat.

Turbat is a city which is not so advanced and life is not easy here. Its people can’t avail many facilities with ease. So I would like you to show this face of Pakistan too, to the Young World readers by publishing the stories written by the children of such areas.

Aziz Hasil, Turbat, Kech

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Poets corner

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