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Handing over Fazlullah to Pakistan

ACCORDING to the news report ‘Pakistan asks Afghanistan to hand over Fazlullah’ (Oct 22), it is being confirmed and elaborated that Mullah Fazlullah has been enjoying safe havens in Afghanistan that has made it possible for the Swat chapter of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan to exist and operate with absolute liberty and impunity.

Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan have been the epicentre of Pakistan’s major security concerns in the region for a long time now as a number of cross-border attacks have been planned and executed from there. Moreover, random attacks in Swat and nearby areas have also spoilt the peace that had been achieved after successful military operations.

The Pakistani authorities and security establishment have tried voicing and conveying their concern across the border, but have not been very successful so far. What comes from across the border is violence, abuse and distrust.

The Afghan government has imposed a ban on Pakistani newspapers to prevent the Afghan people from getting the truth.

Burying one’s head into the sand hardly solves problems, but it appears that the Karzai government suffers from an acute case of this ostrich syndrome.

The attack upon Malala has triggered the Pakistani authorities into action as the nation, for the first time, has stood in unison to call an end to this barbaric mindset.

That Fazlullah is in Afghanistan and targeting Pakistan continuously compels us to foreground the situation of rampant lawlessness in Afghanistan.

The presence of the US/Nato forces seem to aid the terrorists rather than curb and control their momentum and reach.

The failure of the Afghan and allied forces is surely evident as no steps have been taken to destroy the militant havens inside Afghanistan.

But Pakistan’s need to fight terrorism completely is still alive which can be exemplified by the demand made by a Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar for handing over of Fazlullah to Pakistan as he is a much-sought-after terrorist in Pakistan for his role in the insurgency in the country.

Surely, if Afghanistan is unable to destroy sanctuaries, then they ought to at least hand him over to Pakistan.


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Oct 26, 2012 12:18pm
Pakistan should show the intent of going after anybody who endangers the life of countrymen, what is called a Hot pursuit
Oct 26, 2012 04:29am
What if Afghanistan ask us to hand over the Haqqanis?
Oct 26, 2012 04:59am
What are your thoughts on handing over Hafiz Saeed to India who was responsible for the deaths of 166 innocent civilians in Mumbai? Or how about a court in Afghanistan to decide if Fazlullah is guilty or not and should be handed over to you or not. Hypocrisy.
Oct 27, 2012 02:32am
Sounds good Mr Khan. Maybe Pakistan government can provide irrefutable evidence to the Afghan government about Mr Fazlulah.
dr aq khan
Oct 26, 2012 05:00pm
Brilliant comment. But will fall on deaf ears.