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Swabi jirga concerned about lawlessness

SWABI, Oct 25: A jirga in Turlandi has expressed concern over the police’s failure to maintain law and order in the area and said increase in crime had terrified local residents.

Former Turlandi union council nazim Afsar Ali presided over the jirga, where local elders, notables and people showed up in large numbers. Turlandi is located in the jurisdiction of Kalu Khan police station adjacent to Shewa Adda area, where a blast injured six people on Monday.

The participants said many armed robberies and murders had been reported in the area over a few months creating a sense of insecurity among locals. They said the people were so terrified that they had stopped stepping out after sunset.

The participants said a wanted criminal was handed over to police of late but he was freed shortly afterwards to the horror of local residents. According to them, they have decided to form a committee to meet the district police officer over the deteriorating security situation.

After the jirga, Mr Ali told Dawn that there was a need for better coordination and cooperation between police and the people for peace in the area. He also said the people should help police crack down on criminals. — Correspondent

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