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Nehru ‘shocked into reality’

NEW DELHI: Mr Nehru said here today (Oct 25) that the “massive invasion of India by China had made India realise it had been “out of touch with reality” and had shocked it out of the “artificial atmosphere of our own creation”.

Addressing a conference of state Information Ministers, Mr Nehru said that “all of us, the Government and the people” had been shocked out of this atmosphere. “We cannot sit down and mourn our lot … It is no good sitting down now and doing a post-mortem on it,” he added.

He said he was convinced that no Indian would ever agree to surrender to invasion. The country had no alternative but to increase its military effort.

Now that the country had to face a crisis, the whole nation should prepare to meet it. This might take some time, “but there is no other way”.

He appealed to Indians to abandon the slow-moving processes of peacetime and to step up production on a war footing.

Declaring that India had suffered some reverses in the fighting, and that there might be more, Mr Nehru commended the example of Britain in World War II when it built up its strength and defeated the enemy despite defeats at Dunkirk.— Agencies

Pakistan may buy 35 new vessels

RAWALPINDI: A shipping corporation with suitable share for the private sector is likely to be set up shortly to improve operational efficiency of Pakistani ships.

The Communications Minister, Khan A. Sabur, said today (Oct 25) that the proposal to establish the shipping corporation was being examined by the Government and experts were scrutinising it.

Announcing salient features of the new shipping policy, Khan A. Sabur said that Pakistan would like to go for 35 additional ships.

But the whole thing depends on the availability of funds.— Staff Correspondent 

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