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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday clarified that the issue of Durand Line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a settled issue as it is the internationally recognised border between the two countries.

“The Durand Line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is the internally recognised border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and it is a closed and settled issue,” said Foreign Office Spokesman Mozzam Ahmed Khan in his weekly briefing here Thursday.

Khan’s comments follow the US State Department’s reaffirmation on Friday of the Durand Line as the internationally recognised boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan and rejection of the Afghan government’s protest over an earlier US statement on Pak-Afghan border.

The Durand Line was drawn up by the British in 1893 to delineate the boundary between what was then British India and the Kingdom of Afghanistan.

After 1947, it became the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, although the Afghan government still refuses to recognise it.

Replying to a question, the foreign office spokesman expressing concern on statements from Afghanistan said that Pakistan is committed to fight terrorism and extremism and there should be no doubt in it.

He said, “Pakistan does not need to clarify its position on war against terror and no need to give justification in this regard.”

Commenting on the statements coming from Afghanistan, the spokesman said, “Pakistan wants to promote its relations with all neighbouring countries including Afghanistan on the basis of mutual respect and trust.”

He said there is a need to adopt responsible attitude by Afghan leaders and instead of raising the issues through media, all the issues should be resolved through bilaterally and diplomatic channels and through negotiations and dialogue process.

On the question of drone attacks, the spokesman said Pakistan believes they are illegal, counter-productive and a violation of its sovereignty.

Commenting on the results of American Presidential elections, the spokesman said Pakistan will continue to work with who so ever will be elected next US President. Pakistan has good and broad-based relations with the US and is interested to move forward in these ties.

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