Of divas and doodles

An evening of glitz and glamour, with beautiful models sashaying down in stunning dresses was hosted by the fashion industry of Pakistan recently. Sounds of the constant clicks came out of cameras belonging to the best of Pakistani photographers, looking for that perfect shot of the day. Fashion enthusiasts, journalists and socialites mingled, clapped and discussed the good, bad and ugly. And then there was Sana Nasir sitting with tiny papers in her bag along with pens and markers borrowed from people at the event, she got down to doing what she is best at.

“I love people; I think they make the most interesting subjects. Particularly when I can observe them from a distance in their most natural state, without them noticing me. Recently I was invited to Fashion Pakistan Week 4, which is easily one of the most glamorous things I've ever been to. For me, the most interesting divas however, were in the crowd and I just couldn't resist the temptation to make quick sketches of them,” explains Nasir.

Here is her personal take on the people at the event.

(Sana Nasir is an illustrator/graphic designer who refuses to take high paying jobs at ad agencies. Among her other bad life choices is the fact that she can draw and often does so without permission.. More of her work can be viewed on flickr.com/photos/sana-nasir)

She had very striking eyes, the kind you'd want to look at again and again.

It took me a minute to recognise who I was drawing. I think he looked very stylish, if a little aloof.

He reminded me of the 80's – a bit of a Michael Jackson/Lionel Richie vibe.

Friends, who sit together, mimic each other. It’s true.

A very beautiful but annoyed mother and her bored daughter. Neither of them looked too happy to be there.

Finally spotted this lady I had noticed the previous night too – mostly because of her distinctive facial features. It was hard not to notice her; she wore the loudest red in the crowd.

Easily the most popular designer in the front row, wearing wicked frames and rocking spiky grey hair.

Victorian style ruffles. We had those in common that night – though I could never pull it off with that kind of poise.

Super sculpted eyebrows, blonde hair and bright lips. She sat like a big flower in the crowd.

A beautiful girl in a tangerine outfit with a very stern expression and eyebrows like scissors.

Models of Pakistan Fashion Week. I tried capturing a few moving models but movement always turns into memory and I wish I had the ability to draw faster.

I had the luck of sitting next to one of the prettiest and chirpiest girls at the show. Thank you for the company and for pointing out interesting-looking people for me to sketch.

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