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Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. – File Photo

ISLAMABAD:: Chairman Tehrik-i-Tahaffuz-i-Pakistan, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan on Tuesday urged the government to implement the Supreme Court's verdict in the Asghar Khan case in its true spirit.

In a statement, he paid tributes to the Supreme Court of Pakistan for exposing a dark chapter in the country's political history, adding the apex court should ensure implementation of the court order.

Khan said the country should be purged of corrupt politicians for ensuring a true democratic country as dreamed by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, saying that it was necessary to throw the book at those who helped steal the general elections of 1990.

He added that the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakhr-u-Din G Ibrahim was an honest judge and that the people of Pakistan should elect a loyal and honest government in the next elections.

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