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Five races scheduled for today

KARACHI, Oct 23: A small card of five races has been drawn for the Gymkhana race meeting which takes place at the Karachi Racecourse on Wednesday.

The first race starts at 1.30pm.

Following is the field and our selections: THE ARAB PLATE FOR UNKNOWN HORSES 4 ½ F: Spirit 9-4, Black Berry 9-3, Star Queen 8-13, Salome Baby 8-11, Jal Pari 8-9, Easy Match 8-9, Sarazan 8-6, Front Page 8-5, Dancing Doll 8-4. Win: Dancing Doll. Place: Black Berry and Spirit. THE ARAB PLATE CLASS VII DIV V 5 F: La Di Da 9-0, Hit The Target 8-13, Liverpool 8-12, Lucky Gem 8-12, Humsafar 8-3, Hot Black 8-0, Punchi 8-0, Boss 7-11. Win: Humsafar. Place: Hit The Target and Punchi. THE ARAB PLATE CLASS VII DIV III AND IV 5 F: Sher Dil 9-5, Thief Of Baghdad 9-1, Eager Saint 8-13, Aar Paar 8-11, Karigar 8-10, James Bond 8-8, Noor-e-Arab II 8-8, Star King 8-7, Eye Noor 8-2, World Class 7-13, Hypnose 7-12. Win: Karigar. Place: Aar Paar and Sher Dil. THE ARAB PLATE CLASS VII DIV II AND III 5 F: Vizard 9-1, Lolly For Dolly 8-11, Concept 8-10, Bacradi 8-7, Sher Ka Bacha 8-6, Black Caviar 8-2, Dexterous 7-12, Rytham 7-11, Espada 7-10, Shahzadi 7-6, Stall Wart Fighter 7-6. Win: Shahzadi. Place: Concept and Sher Ka Bacha. THE ARAB PLATE CLASS V DIV I AND II AND CLASS VI AND VII DIV I 5 F: Discreet Cat 10-0, Pathan 9-6, Asoor 9-0, Honour And Glory 8-10, Shan-e-Sindh 7-13, Tiny Terror 7-8, Phenominal 7-4, Samsara 7-4, Taurus 7-4, Mona Darling 7-4, The Contractor 7-4, Famous 7-4. Win: Tiny Terror. Place: Asoor and Phenominal.

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