HISTORY reveals that during attacks by invaders, Sindhis did not offer much resistance due to their peaceful nature.

Some three decades ago, Gen Ziaul Haq entangled Sindh in some engineered issues, which rendered this history a mere mythological story. … A number of incidents are reported daily wherein women are killed under the pretext of so-called ‘tradition’. Sometimes sexual assault cases are also reported. … We also have an unending sequence of tribal clashes….

Matrimonial disputes are another issue which claims hundreds of lives; elderly persons … have to carry their sons’ bodies. What happens later with the victim’s family? The aggressors and the government aren’t concerned. …

No government or our mainstream media has taken this painful issue seriously. They are aware of the situation but people have been left to suffer….

The Sindhi media has repeatedly been pointing out that these feuds were encouraged under a conspiracy in the Zia era. The objective was to divide people so that they could not challenge martial law. The dacoit culture was also introduced, while tribal differences were encouraged.…

It is strange that our governments did not pay proper attention to this issue. Today the situation is that after sunset it is quite unsafe to travel in the upper Sindh area. Rival groups are entrenched … on the main roads they are free to commit crime. The common man is under dual repression; life is at risk in the rural areas, while in urban areas there are targeted killings….

At a high level meeting, the chief minister of Sindh directed the law enforcers to utilise all resources to bring peace to Karachi. …

It would be pertinent to point out that such directives should also be issued with a view to bringing peace in rural areas and discouraging tribal feuds and honour killings. — (Oct 22)

Selected and translated by Sohail Sangi.

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