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March, 30 2015

Bus overturns in southwest Iran, 26 dead

Women stand by the bedside of a girl resting in a hospital in Iran. — Photo by Reuters/File

TEHRAN: A passenger bus carrying female students overturned in southwestern Iran Friday evening, killing 26, Iran’s state radio reported Saturday.

Senior police official Col. Mohammad Reza Mehmandar, was quoted as saying that the driver lost control of the bus because of high speed in rainy weather. Mehmandar said 19 others were injured in the accident. They were rushed to hospitals for treatment.

The accident took place on the Izeh-Lordegan road, about 500 kilometers (310 miles) southwest of the capital Tehran.

Iran has one of the world’s worst traffic safety records, with more than 400,000 accidents and about 20,000 deaths on its roads every year. The high death tolls are blamed on high speed, unsafe vehicles, widespread disregard of traffic laws and inadequate emergency services.

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Cyrus Howell
Oct 20, 2012 11:26am
One would think all these bus drivers would be more careful and not want to kill themselves falling down a mountain.