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Balochistan: three choices


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A LEADING columnist in the country has excluded the army or the FC for taking the blame of deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan. If it is not taken as a fashion, I beg to agree with what he says in his careful study of Balochistan’s history, especially after the independence.

His conclusion is that the Balochistan issue is not political but an issue of administrative delinquency caused by inept successive federal and provincial governments and by hoards of sardars and their attempt to save the antiquated sardari system for selfish reasons.

Some of the root causes are the federal government’s incompetence and inability to abolish the sardari system, the self-serving behaviour of sardars enjoying unlimited powers over the poor tribal Baloch, just as they did 200 years ago, and the interest of foreign powers in the strategic location of Balochistan.

Solution to all these problems require many steps and corrective actions as no solution will be meaningful until the sardari system is permanently abolished, with no sardar using the word ‘nawab’ or ‘sardar as a title.

To him (the columnist), Balochistan requires the governor’s rule which must be imposed immediately after abolishing the Sardari system. It is true that at present Balochistan is not in a position to run its own provincial government and will not be ready for several years after the socio-political situation has been stabilised by removing all ill effects of the Sardari system and private armies.

“The province needs to be disarmed as the top priority.” One wonders that the Baloch, hostage in the hands of their sardars, are themselves responsible for the present condition, which has been exploited by political mainstream of the country, the centre and indirectly the army, perhaps for national interest. This we need to consider and move for its solution as early as possible.

IMRAN JAMALI Dera Rojhan Jamal

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manna Oct 19, 2012 11:42am
Doctor sahib,dont you think it is easier said then done?are you ready to abolish your titles? can you ask and influence few of your sardar friends from other tribes to do so? can you all reach a consenses as to who should be the governer then? many unasweable and disputed question emerges. This may server as another pandora box of problems. Similarly the abrupt solution in the shape of governer raj will serve as a quick fix and will evade shortly as has been happeing in the past.I think the best workable solution at the moment is in the shape of realization among the future generation of sardars about the abject condition of their peoples,as in your case in the shape of this article, no sooner the future sardars will pick the courage to sever their subservients and develope their areas in education, industry and in infrastructure the time of progression and solution to afflicted problem in Balochistan will be sighted immediatly. The transition will be gradual but lasting reaping the desired economic and intellectual benefits for the masses of the province in particula and the nation as a whole.
Mohammad Ali Khan Oct 20, 2012 12:56am
Baluchis, like rest of the Pakistanis are a victim of corrupt politicians,bureaucrats, and feudals.The religious fanaticism is adding to the whole problem.
A. Khan Oct 19, 2012 02:25pm
I agree with the writer that the sardari system has to be abolished. This needs to be done with immediate affect as that is what is holding back the province. Baloch should elect real representatives not their chieftains. And for any feeling of ill will in province, please note that Rs800million (80 Crores) has been taken out of Balochistan budget by CM Raisani and given to his brother, in compensation for damage suffered due to military operations. Nowhere in the world does this happen as an executive decision. Any award should be based on legal court order. That's Rs 80 crores that should have been spent on roads, schools and hospitals. So, next time any Baloch questions the lack of development in Balochistan, there is your answer. Its happened time and again through Balochistan's history, just the faces in government have changed.