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Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf chief Imran Khan.— Photo by AFP

ISLAMABAD, Oct 16: The Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf has called for finding a political solution of the ongoing war against the Taliban, saying that military operation would aggravate the already volatile situation.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, PTI chairman Imran Khan said that about 140,000 troops were engaged in the fight against the Taliban for the last eight years, but instead of easing the crisis was deepening.

He appealed to all Pakistanis to play their role in finding a political solution to the problem and save the country from further death and destruction. Mr Khan tried to dispel a perception that the PTI had any affiliation with the Taliban or was supporting terrorists. “My only purpose is to establish peace and save the country from further destruction,” he added.

Referring to the Malala case, he said he had immediately visited Peshawar to inquire after her health. “Since Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan had accepted responsibility for the attack, I condemned them for this terrible act,” he said but added that some vested interests had been portraying the PTI as a pro-Taliban party.

He said it would not be fair if killings of other innocent people in drone attacks, bomb blasts and violence were ignored. He said Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had told an all-parties conference that the army had done its job and now it was for the politicians to find a solution of the problem.

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Naved Oct 17, 2012 08:46am
Will Imran talk to taliban and make sure they stick to their agreement and will not violete the peace deal as did in Swat and other places in past. Everybody knows taliban have no respect for any principle, they don't abid by my law. Thye find solution of every thing problem in killing.
SI Oct 17, 2012 08:21am
I watched Imran Khan's interview with Hamid Mir last night and I think he did a great job in explaining his view point clearly. His 3 point strategy in tackling the issue may have some merit. Although I think it will take time to implement his strategy and that too if he succeeds in elections (Insha Allah) and this Taliban menace (both in Pakistan and Afghanistan) needs a more urgent and immediate agressive response.
Mia Oct 18, 2012 12:20am
When it comes to terrorism, public opinion is divided into two opposing groups. One group sees the people who commit acts of terror are primarily responsible. You belong to this group. Another group sees United States as the sole cause of these acts. I belong to a third view and believe both causes are real. . Example. There is a dirty lake on our border. We get contagious disease from there. Many of our fellow citizens now suffer from them. Should we close the lake or treat the people who suffer from the fatal disease. In my opinion, we need to do both. We are trying to treat the disease for the last ten years and pay direct cost of close to one billion per dollar a month. We lost 30K humans and counting. Above all, what economists call
Mia Oct 18, 2012 12:17am
The most important dimension of the war on terror is to conduct the feasibility of the war and check whether this war is sustainable. Questions that need to be answered are: 1. Do we have resources to conduct an intense operation in an area that is stretched over thousands of square miles? 2. Do our economic conditions allow us to continue this war? 3. How long we expect this war will continue? Can we continue this war for another ten years? 4. Has any super power ever won any insurgency, such as Viet Nam, Soviet Afghan war? 5. Now Americans in Afghanistan after 10 years, want to run as fast as possible? In order to protect our country from collapse, we should instead use diplomatic methods to prolong the process until US leave Afghanistan. After the end of occupation, most of the militants will be won over. Those who do not sign peace will lose public support and bound to lose.