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Operation in Waziristan sought

ISLAMABAD, Oct 14: On Sunday women activists belonging to Sunni Tehreek — a religious outfit — dressed in traditional burqas gathered outside national press club to protest in favour of Malala and condemn the Taliban.

The women protestors demanded from the government to disarm terrorists, who have become a threat for the daughters of the nation.

They also demanded that government of Pakistan should launch an operation in Waziristan without involving a foreign country.

Aalima Fazila Bibi, who runs a seminary in the federal capital, said that Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that a child starts getting an education from the lap of his/her mother and continues till his last day on earth.

“Only an educated woman can educate her child, so stopping a girl from getting an education is against the sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Girls should be allowed an education and strict action should be taken against those who attacked Malala,” she said.

“Malala is not the only one who has been killed by extremists, every day a number of Malalas are being killed by the Taliban and drone attacks but the government is not taking any action,” she said.

She said that drone attacks were also against the laws of Pakistan, so government of Pakistan and armed forces should stop drone attacks and take action against the Taliban without the involvement of any external force.

She also condemned the movie against Islam and said that the government should ban all websites containing material against Islam.

Divisional Head of Sunni Tehreek, Mufti Liaquat Ali Rizvi said the Taliban have been violating Islamic rules and those who have been speaking in favour of Taliban are enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

While talking to Dawn Mufti Liaquat said that Taliban have accepted the responsibility of attacking Malala, therefore they need to be condemned. Taliban are also involved in attacking religious places and the only solution now is an operation against them in Waziristan.

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