India on the warpath against Pakistan

KARACHI: Though it is talking of a Ministerial-level Indo-Pakistan conference to discuss the situation on Chittagong-Tripura border, in fact India appears to be on the warpath against Pakistan, described by Mr Nehru as India’s “enemy number one”.

It is understood that India has refused to implement the agreement arrived at in June last between the Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi, Agha Hilaly, and the Indian Commonwealth Relations Secretary, Mr Gundevia, that both sides should withdraw their troops, and that this disengagement should be arranged by the local sector commanders.

In this context, the creation of a new Eastern Corps of the Indian Army, with the strength of at least three divisions, appears to be a highly aggressive move, particularly when it is remembered that hitherto India had never poised divisions of the Army against East Pakistan. Moreover, there is no evidence that this move is a temporary measure.

The talk of a ministerial-level conference is, therefore, nothing more than a smokescreen for India’s aggressive designs and incursions into East Pakistan.

It is interesting to note that a proposal for the conference has not yet been made by India to Pakistan at any level, though the last reports on the subject in the Indian Press say that the outgoing India High Commissioner, Mr Rajeshwar Deyal, mentioned it when he met President Ayub Khan in Rawalpindi recently. A Foreign Office spokesman said yesterday Mr Deyal did not even mention the proposal during his meeting with the President.

The spokesman would not say what would be Pakistan’s reaction if and when such a proposal is made. — Special representative

President may head Integration Council

LAHORE: The Government is planning to set up a National Integration Council, to be headed by the President, to meet the challenge of disruption and disintegration.

This was disclosed here last evening by the Central Minister for Education, Information, Food and Agriculture, Mr Fazlul Quader Chowdhury, while speaking at the Administrative Staff College.

Mr Chowdhury called for a ‘Jehad’ to be participated in by everyone to destroy once for all parochialism, provincialism and disruption so that the nation and the country might advance along the path to progress. — Agencies

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