ISLAMABAD, Oct 10: A constable at Shalimar police station and an upper division clerk (UDC) of the air force were caught and taken into custody over their involvement in ‘moral policing’.

Apparently, they were fleecing couples entering F-9 Fatimah Jinnah Park, who could not provide proof of their marriage.

Both these officers who through their actions made Islamabad look like Kabul under the Taliban, were threatening couples with legal action, on Wednesday, police sources said. One of the couples being brave enough called 15 and as a result, a police promptly arrived on the scene and arrested the two officers.

From the park, the police took the two officers to Margalla police station.

During inquiry, one of them introduced himself as a constable of capital police, stationed at Shalimar police station and the other as UDC of Air Force at Air Headquarters.

There would have been legal action against the accused officers but later both were released from police custody due to intervention of seniors without any legal action, sources added.

Further details of the case like how many couples were fleeced and how much many the officers made — and got away with — could not be provided, as no case was registered.—Staff Reporter

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