Beggars a nuisance for motorists

ISLAMABAD, Oct 8: Beggars holding water bottles and wipers have become another nuisance for motorists at almost all busy intersections in the twin cities.

These roadside car washers rarely seek permission from the drivers to wash the car screens and after moving their wipers on the windscreens pestered the motorists for alms.

Ahmad Ali while talking to this news agency at one of the signals on the Islamabad Express said roadside beggars were a common sight as scores of children and women swarmed around the vehicles.

“They use novel techniques to attract people with the sole aim of collecting money,” he said.

Another motorist, Mohsin Ali, said the beggars always annoyed him with the washing of his car without seeking permission.

Citizens said use of children in such activities should be banned and authorities concerned take action against those responsible. They added that if appropriate actions to mitigate the menace were not taken, the problem would grow to alarming proportions in a short period of time.Traders said the beggars were a continuous source of annoyance to potential customers, which affected their business too.

SSP Islamabad Traffic Police Dr Moeen Masood, while talking to this agency, said the Islamabad administration and Islamabad Traffic Police had discussed the issue of beggary and had decided to make joint efforts to rid the city of professional beggars. Rehabilitation of those who had opted for beggary due to poverty would also be ensured.

He added: “It is pertinent to mention here that more than a dozen NGOs in the twin cities are active for the rehabilitation of beggars, but no serious effort has materialised to check this menace.”—APP

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