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Lowari tunnel: govt’s apathy

THE interior construction of the Lowari tunnel has been postponed for quite a long time which has created anxiety among the people of Chitral. This tunnel links Chitral with the rest of the country. Once I travelled through the tunnel but the flow of streams on the road and absence of fresh breeze only suffocated the atmosphere inside the tunnel.

I am sure that every traveller who availed this opportunity ‘luckily or unluckily’, would feel the ‘same’. The people of Chitral will be quite relieved once the work on the tunnel is completed.

Travelling through Lowari’s mountainous areas has become a part of people’s lives as no other option except this route to Chitral is available.

However, there was news reports about re-start of work at the tunnel, but it proved false claims by the government. Let’s see for how long the people of Chitral will suffer at the hands of the elected representatives.

SAMI ULLAH      Quetta

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Saif ur Rahim
Oct 09, 2012 12:34pm
Thanks Samiullah for highlighting the present govt's false slogans to complete the lawary tunnel project. We do not see any progress in the regime of the present government and lets hope, in the future may some one take up the project seriously. Saif
g m patra
Oct 09, 2012 12:41pm
I am a citizen of U S A of Indian origin. Became interested in Pakistan only after wattching the movie BOL by Humaima Malick. I felt it was a Indian movie. Watched a documentary on how the trucks move a 250 Km mountain road to and from Chitral. may be the people their start thinking of putting the maintenance of the tunnel for a "TOLL" system. I feel the truck drivers and owners will be happy to pay for the use off the tunnell..
Munir Hussain Fatimi
Oct 09, 2012 05:01am
thank you sami ullah for highlighting on a very serious issue that many precious lives are totally at risk if it is not made properly...some people are thinking that tunnel were not allowed to them but to the high ups...................we are thankful to Pervaiz Musharaf who felt our difficulties but the presence government is totally a basket of corruption and even dont further proceed for working in already ended project.........Munir Hussain Fatimi