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ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Nayyar Hussain Bukhari said on Monday that the Senate and the National Assembly’s Secretariats should not be dragged into the dual nationality case and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should deal with this issue on its own, DawnNews reported.

Bukhari was chairing the Senate session here in Islamabad on Monday.

Senator Farhat ullah Babar said that it was not the job Senate secretariat to implement the signing of the fresh declarations by the senators. He said that the time had come for the parliament to raise its voice for its rights.

Moreover, Babar said that Arsalan-Iftikhar case could have also been brought in the parliament. Adding that, he asked, “Was chief justice unaware of his son’s activities?”

Senator Ishaq Dar said that Senate should ask the interior ministry for the details over this matter.

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m k ghauri
Oct 08, 2012 07:16pm
How can law makers absolve themselves from not ensuring that they them self provide basic data if asked for by ECP to facilitate the later in implementing the constitutional clauses governing the eligibility of the law makers.They share a greater responsibility in upholding the rule of law and at no cost provide covers to the violators under some pretext.