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PST to field candidates across country

RAWALPINDI, Oct 7: Pakistan Sunni Tehrik chief Sarwat Ijaz Qadri announced on Sunday that his party would field candidates all over the country in the next general election.

Speaking at the ‘Azad Pakistan Conference’ at Liaquat Bagh, he said the Sunni Tehrik would participate in the elections to bring the country back the path of development and peace. Hundreds of workers and supporters of the party from different areas of the city and other parts of the country took part in the conference addressed among others by Mohammad Shahid Ghori, Mohammad Shakeel Qadri and Mufti Hanif Qureshi.

Police and other law-enforcement agency personnel stood guard at the venue and cordoned off the area around Liaquat Bagh.

A traffic jam brought life to a standstill for many hours in the city. Vehicles coming to BB Road from Tipu Road, Liaquat Road, Iqbal Road, College Road, Kashmiri Bazaar, Circular Road, Asghar Mall Road, Commercial Market, Fifth Road and Sixth Road remained stuck for hours.

“We will not allow anyone to use Sindh and Punjab cards in future,” Sarwat Qadri said.

Feudal and landlords, who were running the affairs of the country, were not interested in solving problems of the common man, he said. “The PST will not come into power with the help of intelligence agencies and army.”

He said people would choose candidates of Sunni Tehrik.

“The government is passing ordinances in the dark of the night and running its affairs through them, instead of passing bills from the national and provincial assemblies.”

Referring to PTI’s Imran Khan, Mr Qadri said ‘tsunami Khan’ was sleeping when Karachi was bleeding. More than a dozen people were killed daily in target killings in Karachi, but the so-called tsunami failed to come in the city.

He lashed out at the leaderships of PPP and PML-N and said that people would not trust these parties because they failed to deliver. He said people would kick out the PPP and PML-N in the elections.

“The government and opposition are opposing each other in front of people but they are one,” he said.

He said politics was being done in the name of Balochistan but political leaders were not ready to give rights to the Baloch and solve their problems.

Mr Qadri urged the United Nations to enact a law for respecting personalities of all religions.

He demanded of the government to call immediately a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Conference in Islamabad.

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