Protest held against new LG law

KARACHI, Oct 6: People from different segments of society, including writers and members of the Sindh Assembly, staged a demonstration here on Saturday in protest against the new local government law.

Protesting under the banner of the Sindh Writers’ Forum, they urged the government to withdraw the new local government law approved by the Sindh Assembly.

The protesters gathered outside the Karachi Press Club and chanted slogans against the Sindh People’s Local Government Act (SPLGA).

Speaking to journalists, Pakistan Muslim League-Functional MPA Nusrat Sehar Abbasi claimed that the Pakistan People’s Party had gone against the interest of Sindh by passing the new local government law.

“If people elect these people again, their homeland and history will never forgive them,” she said.

PML-F lawmaker Marvi Rashdi claimed that the PPP had sold Sindh for their “petty interests” and they would never be forgotten for this.

She alleged that the ruling party had done injustice on the floor of the provincial assembly.

She said that now if the government formed any committee to pacify its annoyed coalition partners, it would prove to be fruitless.

Poet Taj Baloch said that not only the “sons of soil” were protesting against the law, but also the daughters and they would scarifice their lives and would not let anybody hatch a conspiracy against their homeland.

Writer Aga Saleem said they would continue their protest, until the SPLGA was abrogated.

“The PPP has traded the integrity of Sindh for its petty interests,” he claimed.

Writer Aijaz Mangi said that the PPP had harmed the integrity of Sindh and laid the foundation of carving out a new province out of Sindh.

Jami Chandio, Inam Sheikh, Zulifqar Halepoto, Mumtaz Ali and others also spoke.—PPI

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