GUJRAT, Oct 6: A 15-foot-long python was caught near Bolay village by a Rescue 1122 team on Saturday after being informed of its presence in the area by some locals.

Rescue 1122 district in charge Chaudhry Aziz told Dawn that his team received a call from some locals about presence of a huge python in the area.

The team reached the spot and captured the snake that was rarely found in the area.

On being measured and weighed the reptile turned out to be 15-foot long and weighed nearly 40 kilograms. The Rescue team shifted the snake to its Gujrat center.

Chaudhry Aziz said the reptile was the first of its kind found in the area. He said the python might have been swept from Azad Kashmir area along with the river Chenab’s waters during the last month’s floods.

He added that he had contacted the Lahore Zoo authorities who had agreed to house the reptile there.

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