LAHORE, Oct 6: The Spring Cup is the highlight of a lengthy card of nine events to be decided during the fifth Lahore Winter Meeting at the Racecourse here on Sunday. The first race will be held at 12:00 noon.

Following is the field and our selections: THE PASTIME PLATE CLASS VII DIV IV-A 900M: Sohni Gulbahar 9-0, Puma Dynasty 9-0, Shan-e-Usman 9-0, Shah Zaib 8-10, Kitten 8-10, Guru Baba 8-10, Mirana Flower 8-10, Saeen Baba 8-6, Esperanza 8-2. Win: Kitten. Place: Guru Baba and Saeen Baba

THE PASTIME PLATE CLASS VII DIV IV-B 900M: Shorty 9-0, Bakoo 9-0, Aslam Prince 8-10, Great Adla 8-10, Shollay 8-10, Miss Sharapova 8-10, Gul-e-Zara 8-6, Dangerous 8-4. Win: Shorty. Place: Miss Sharapova and Gul-e-Zara.

THE PASTIME PLATE CLASS VII DIV IV-C 900M: Military Call 9-0, Aan-e-Jhang 9-0, Bijli 8-12, Salman’s Love Again 8-10, Come On Lady 8-10, Abbas Choice 8-10, Ladla 8-8, Blank Cheque 8-6, Lucky 8-4, Special Account 8-2, Anwaar Prince 7-8, Jug Jug Geo 7-4, Hassan Princess 7-4. Win: Abbas Choice. Place: Lucky and Military Call.

THE PASTIME PLATE CLASS VII DIV III 900M: Pocket Money 9-0, Jackson 9-0, Shan-e-Tajpur 8-12, Shahzada Jogi 8-12, Titan 8-10, Adnan Prince 8-10, Handsome Victory 8-8, Morning Glory 8-8, Leeza Love 8-6, Aie Khushi 8-6, Mano 8-4, Black Pepper 8-4, Lucky One 8-4, Currency Maker 8-2, Pride Of Jhang 8-0. Win: Shan-e-Tajpur. Place: Morning Glory and Leeza Love.

THE PASTIME PLATE CLASS VII DIV II 900M: John Cena 9-2, Golden Fiza 9-0, Geo Shan Se 9-0, Magic King 9-0, Dear Of Sialkot 9-0, Doha Princess 9-0, Queen Of Risalpur 9-0, Furious 9-0, Asim Gee 9-0, Jurrat 8-10, Jungle Da Raja 8-10, Burraq 8-8, Lucky Sohna 8-8, Home Child 8-6, Royal Jaguar 8-6, Brave Leeza 7-12, Red Star 7-12. Win: John Cena. Place: Geo Shan Se and Red Star.

THE PASTIME PLATE CLASS VII DIV I 900M: Good Luck 9-2, Adonis 9-0, Rapid Flow 9-0, Princess Of Mirana 9-0, Young Story 9-0, Shan-e-Tariq 8-12, Array Of Stars 8-10, Candy Doll 8-2, Gul Bakowli 7-10. Win: Candy Doll. Place: Good Luck and Rapid Fire.

THE SPRING CUP CLASS V DIV III 1,200M: Domination 9-2, Golden Rose 9-0, Boneka 8-10, Limitless 8-10, Sweet Sarrow 8-8, Desert Eagle 8-8, Happiness For Ever 8-6, Stone 8-2, Mr Accurate 8-0. Win: Domination. Place: Golden Rose and Happiness For Ever.

THE PASTIME PLATE CLASS VI DIV I 1,000M: Finance Minister 10-6, Bingo 9-8, Bon Voyage 9-0, Quick Million 8-8, Pawan Prince 8-8, Pari Packer 8-6, Dora 8-4, Kaicho Athena 8-0. Win: Bon Voyage. Place: Bingo and Dora.

THE PASTIME PLATE CLASS VI DIV II 1,000M: Luna 9-0, Gallant Hope 9-0, Brave Zoia 9-0, Mard-e-Ahan 8-10, Dust And Dust 8-8, Reshman 8-6, Little Baby 8-2, Protest 7-12. Win: Brave Zoia. Place: Protest and Luna.

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