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Congo case confirmed

RAWALPINDI, Oct 3: A Congo Crimean Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) case has been confirmed at one of the city’s hospitals, doctors said.

Mohammad Imtiaz, 45, was brought to the HFH from Choa Syedan city with continued gums bleeding on September 27.

“We have received the report from National Institute of Health (NIH) confirming the patient was suffering from CCHF,” said Dr Javed Hayyat, the in-charge of the infectious diseases unit at the hospital.

However, he added, the patient was lucky to have survived the infection and likely to be discharged on Friday.

It may be noted that this would be the second Congo case reported to the hospital.

On August 27, Mohammad Razzaq, 60, was brought to the HFH from Choa Syedan Shah, but he died two days later.

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