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A hurried law

…WHETHER it is Kalabagh dam, the NFC Award or some other issue related to the core interests of the province, in the past the Sindh Assembly has played a role in accordance with public opinion. But recently, certain actions have been taken which are deadly opposed to the will of the people….

People gave a decision last year when a complete shutter-down strike was observed in the province against a dual local bodies system…. What need arose to present a rejected product in new packaging?...

[The local government law] is an important law … [yet] it was hurriedly introduced through an ordinance and later with the same haste was passed by the assembly…. An attempt should have been made to refine it and remove the apprehensions … of the people who were opposing it….

The leaders of the ruling party were also of the opinion that the ordinance was not the final word. Any change … was only possible [if] it had been discussed thoroughly. The question is whether members of the treasury benches had any reservation … about this controversial law. No doubt the ruling party has a mandate, but did they get the mandate to pass such a law? ... — (Oct 2)

Selected and translated by Sohail Sangi.

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